Scariest Movies from 2000 to 2009


The Top Ten

1 The Descent

Definitely a "must see" material! Those crawlers were creepy - Alexandr

2 High Tension

I don't get some haters - this movie is phenomenal! The final twist is shocking. Not to mention gory as hell! - Alexandr

3 The Others

Mix of horror, thriller and mystery. Awesome final twist! - Alexandr

4 Cabin Fever

A bit campy but very gory! It impressed me indeed - Alexandr

5 Rec

I'll be honest - I'm not a big fan of Found Footage style but this movie is brilliant! - Alexandr

6 Dawn of the Dead

I think it was as good as the original!, maybe even more intense! - Alexandr

7 Final Destination

I think the original FD movie was by far the scariest! Very unique story line! - Alexandr

8 28 Days Later

Dark, gory and almost hopeless - great atmosphere! - Alexandr

9 The Texas Chain Saw Massacre

Quite decent remake. Yes, the original was better but this one was great too - Alexandr

This isn't scary. It's a diss appointment - SoloPotato

10 Wolf Creek

Masterpiece from Australia! Check on it! - Alexandr

The Contenders

11 Final Destination 2
12 Reeker
13 Wilderness
14 Kill Theory
15 Venom
16 The Breed
17 Frontier (S)
18 See No Evil
19 House of Wax
20 House of 9
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