Top 10 Survival Experts of 2015

Regardless of what the current breed of YouTubers and T.V. survival show fans think. There are real Wilderness/Survival experts out there in the world.

I seriously doubt that any of the current favorites, who are considered experts on T.V. have ever taken off and traveled half way around the world with a small pack, $40.00 and a one way ticket. Then returned home several years later.

No, Most or all of the current "Experts" cannot survive anywhere with out a support crew, a production company or throngs of unknowing fans. These individuals create the Illusion of survival knowledge rather than the reality of it.

I for one am tired of seeing these fakes perpetuated. Rather, I would like to see the real men and women who travel the world and survive on a daily basis.

The Top Ten

1 Samuel Larson

I had the distinct pleasure of working with and training Sam in Maine at the Jack Mountain bushcraft school, and in Arizona. Sam was an excellent student, and proved to be very skilled in the outdoors. This young man knows his stuff and I would not doubt that he could not only survive but thrive anywhere in the world. - matoska

2 Jonathan Linville
3 Tom "Tomahawk" Moore

Wow!, so much can be said about Tomahawk. He has lived and survived on the edge of wilderness areas around the world. This man has seemingly survived several years in Asia and the USA with little or no money. He has no known residence, no income, and no apparent means of support. Yet, he travels world wide and seems to not only survive but thrive in areas that most people would consider hostile. It is sad that he didn't get any recognition for the T.V. series he made for discovery channel. He was clearly the most skilled and knowledgeable of all 5 cast members. On a final note Tom has an excellent survival book available on Amazon/create space. - matoska

4 Tim Smith
5 Thomas Coyne

He trains in every climate, and even trains military units.


6 Hazen Audel
7 Ed Stafford
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1. Samuel Larson
2. Jonathan Linville
3. Tom "Tomahawk" Moore
1. Jonathan Linville
2. Samuel Larson
3. Tom "Tomahawk" Moore


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