Best Christmas Songs of 2013 - 2014

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1 O Holy Night- Vittorio Grigolo and Jackie Evancho

Vittorio and Jackie met when both were the singers on "Classical Night" on "Dancing with The Stars", a collaboration was planned, and this gorgeous number is included on both Vittorio's album "Ave Maria", and also on the Special Edition of Jackie's album "Awakening".

One of the best versions I have ever heard. A wonderful blending of voices. Very reverent.

They sing this in the way it should be sung!

This song defines singing! - erbst

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2 Santa Tell Me - Ariana Grande

This song truly is dreadful. - PositronWildhawk

Incorrect this song is disgraceful - simpsondude

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3 Baby It's Cold Outside - Idina Menzel

The only good Idina Menzel song I ever heard - JaysTop10List

I really rather love this. But then, I love Michael Bublè singing anything! - Britgirl

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4 Last Christmas - Ariana Grande UListen to Sample
5 Winter Wonderland - Lady Gaga & Tony Bennett UListen to Sample
6 Do They Know It's Christmas? - Band Aid 30 UListen to Sample
7 Believe - Jackie Evancho

Opening number from the movie "Polar Express." Sung by Jackie at the age of 10. Incredible vocal range and dexterity. - BobG

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8 Snow In California - Ariana Grande UListen to Sample
9 One More Sleep - Leona Lewis UListen to Sample
10 Soul Transmission - Robbie Williams

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11 This Christmas - John Lindahl
12 Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas - Toni Braxton & Babyface UListen to Sample
13 Underneath the Tree - Kelly Clarkson UListen to Sample
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