Top Ten Best Sports Plays of 2013

These are the best plays in all of sports, for 2013.

The Top Ten

1 Chris Davis 109 yd Kick Six

Alabama has their big winning streak snapped with an amazing return off a decent, yet short kick.

2 Ray Allen Saves The Heat's Season

Game Six. Three pointer with 5 seconds left in game down 92-95. If he misses it, Spurs win NBA title, as they were up 3-2 in the series.

3 J.J. Worton Diving Grab Late Vs Temple

UCF WR J.J. Worton lays all out with a minute to go down 29-36 vs Temple Owls. UCF wouldn't have won or gotten to Fiesta Bowl if it wasn't for this late score.

4 Jacoby Jones Mile High Miracle

Another football play, but this 3rd down play that went 50 yards in the air is why Ravens won Super Bowl.

5 David Ortiz Belt in ALCS

This Grand Slam got Joe Buck excited like Gus Johnson after a big play or any time something happens. Which means very.

6 DeAndre Jordan Makes Brandon Knight Look like a Kid

Amazing Dunk... no more needs to be said except Jordan looked like he stepped in poop afterwards. "Eww. That's Bad."

7 Jacoby Jones Super Bowl Kick Return

108 yards in 11 seconds after halftime.

8 Carlos Hyde Run vs Iowa

He stayed on his feet and dove for a score after going backwards.

9 Chris Bosh Rebound to set up Ray Allen 3

Allen's 3 pointer couldn't have happened if Bosh didn't rebound this ball put up by LeBron James.

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