Top Ten Reasons Why Every Witch Way and 100 Things to Do Before Highschool Are the Best Shows On Nickelodeon In 2014-2015

This list will show you why Every Witch Way and 100 Things To Do Before Highschool are the two best Nickelodeon shows in 2014 and 2015.

The Top Ten

1 They're not like the annoying shows that usually come on

Believe it or not, Every Witch Way and 100 Things To Do Before Highschool are not the typical annoying shows that have laugh tracks, lack plot and contain bad lessons, There two shows are good, they have a plot, they don't have a laugh track, and they have good lessons, they're not cartoons, but they're better than anything else we currently have on Nick, and they're also not going downhill. - nelsonerico

Every witch way is the best Nick show ever aired. Period. You know it, I know it. If you don't, your a loser and hater with no taste. Thank you

Every witch way stands out. Best show ever

2 No laugh track

Every Witch Way and 100 Things To Do Before Highschool don't have a laugh track like the other shows, People HATE laugh tracks and so do I, They ruin the shows and turn them into stupid talent shows. - nelsonerico

Yeah, but if a show doesn't have a laugh track, then Every Witch Way needs to make the camera like 100 things to do before high school

3 Good lessons

These two shows have good lessons unlike the other shows, which have no good lessons, but bad lessons. - nelsonerico

4 They're not going downhill

Every Witch Way and 100 Things To Do before Highschool haven't gone downhill like the other shows including SpongeBob SquarePants and The Fairly OddParents, they're still good and actually going uphill. - nelsonerico

Every Witch Way did, during the series finale, once Emma threw away Daniel and took all of his, and her friends' memories away, yet it was also when Ursula and Francisco kissed seductively like they were trying to blow on each other. - nelsonerica

Every Witch Way went downhill when Emma took Daniel away forever even though he was alright staying in Miami, The writers ruined the show, it was a good show that ended with a bad series finale.

Every Every Witch Wayseason gets better than the previous

Which hill? Sam Hill or Beverly Hill? I never knew a show can go on a hill.

It's an expression meaning it becomes lame and stupid, This show, along with Every Witch Way and Harvey Beaks hasn't become lame or stupid, it's still good and better than anything else we have today besides those two shows. - nelsonerico6

5 Racism is at most minimum

These two shows are the least racist shows in a long time, hardly anyone is going to find any racism in them regardless of age. - nelsonerico

Every witch way is not racist at all - TheKirbyCreeper999

That's why it says Racism is at most minimum, which means that even if there were any tiny hints of racism on either show, it would be so minimum and hard to even notice. - nelsonerica

6 They have no immature content

These two shows don't have any mature/immature content such as bathroom humor or sex, and they don't have any violence as in flesh exposure or murder, they're clean and more G rated, meaning that they're suitable for all ages. - nelsonerico

Immature content/Mature content is considered childish adult content such as butts, poop, pee, talking about sex and private body parts, smoking, pregnancy (in the wrong manner), and violence such as killing, rape and suicide, Those two shows don't have any of that like the others and they're more G rated, meaning that they're suitable for all ages. - nelsonerico

7 They're not stale like most of the others

Most other shows on Nick nowadays are stale in everything good. - nelsonerico

8 They have cool effects

Unlike the other shows, Every Witch Way and 100 Things To Do Before Highschool have cool special effects, The Thundermans and The Haunted Hathaways has effects, but they're not cool and they're overused. - nelsonerico

9 They have a good plot

Every Witch Way and 100 Things To Do Before Highschool have a good plot while the other shows lack plot. - nelsonerico

10 They have real comedy

These two shows have real comedy and not the laugh track and stupid type of comedy, the comedy on these shows is real and good. - nelsonerico

The Contenders

11 Both have teenage main protagonists
12 They have the best plots and acting

The acting, good, but the plot? that was already on the list.

13 Both have different schools
14 They have pretty female characters
15 They have hot male characters
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