Best Christmas Gifts for 2014

2014 has been a great year for gizmos, gadgets, and fun little widgets. If you are still looking for items make the holiday that much more exciting for your friends and loved ones, there is certainly a lot to choose from. Hopefully this list will help you get some good ideas.

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1 PlayStation 4

Now that the eighth generation console market has had a year to mature, it's time to jump on that bandwagon. While there are compelling arguments to choose any of the top consoles, the PlayStation 4 has taken the early lead in sales numbers.

The better choice a year ago, but now this and the Xbox one are basically the same thing.

Probably getting one in February 2015. So only a few months away. I'm counting the days... - Alpha101

I shipped one to your house. Should be there soon. Merry Christmas! If only...

The only thing I want

2 Nintendo Wii U

I want one for Christmas so bad! I want super smash bros. , super Mario bros. u, captain toad and more!

It's so stupid. They just released something that is just like a Wii except for the gamepad, and then released tons of awesome games but made them ONLY FOR Wii U! They just made it to get money. - SammySpore

It's the best. Especially if you have super smash bros for the Wii U - An_Average_Person

So far the only unique console with the best first party games

3 Xbox One

The launch a year ago was clearly a bumpy one, but this holiday season the Xbox One is making some serious strides. With arguably the best library of exclusives, the holiday season release of Halo: The Master Chief Collection, significant price drops, and a core system that when it comes down to it is only negligibly inferior to that of the PlayStation 4, the Xbox One is poised to make a lot of people happy this Christmas.

It's gotten a price drop, and kinect was removed in 2014.

Who the heck wants this? It'll break a month later and it has little games, it has no reverse compatibility, all games require internet, yeah it's pretty bad. Microsoft should be smarter when making game consoles.

Yup, no good games, you know, excluding Titanfall, Halo: The Master Chief Collection, Forza Horizon 2, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, Sunset Overdrive and a dozen other 9/10 rated games. And reverse compatibility is overrated. Just don't throw away your old system if you still want to play your old games.

Microsoft fans will love the many features of the Xbox One

4 Nintendo 3DS

Dang rich people... so many high end consoles!

Please both the comment and the reply are negative. This is not a fight, as for my opinion I would like to have a Nintendo 3DS. - kormo

I've always wanted this - TwilightKitsune

New 3DS is better

Make this an XL, and it's perfect. Seriously, this is a BEAST.

5 iPhone 6 Plus

I would totally say to get this, but lets be real now, who's gonna waste $600 on someone if you could just buy one for yourself!

Seriously? iPhone 6+ looks like a iPad mini. What's the difference. Oh wait there 1 difference it costs 500$ more than an iPad. - SammySpore

A lot of people will ask for this for Christmas. - PrincipeAzul

The 6 is better but the 6 plus is fine it's just more expensive for not much more. So personally I would get the iPhone 6.

6 Super Smash Bros Wii U

Great game! Tons of replay value. Fun characters. Great Graphics. Great Music. Easy to control. What's not to love about this game?

Great game. Must have for all Wii U owners.

They added Pac-Man, PAC MAN, enough' said

Link is my favorite

7 Netflix Subscription

Netflix has completely changed the way we watch television and if you know one of those seemingly rare someones who haven't joined the times and plowed through entire seasons of Breaking Bad, How I Met Your Mother, or Family Guy in a week, now is the perfect time to show them what they have been missing. And even if they are already on board, why not give them something you already know they like?

I hope my parents get me this

Question... who doesn't like NETFLIX!?!?!

I believe thatall people should get one... it makes everything easier

8 Event Tickets

I would chose this. It's the only thing that's no electronic. Studies show video games and other electronics could lower your grades if you're a kid, lower your performance at work, and will just make you a lazy person. If you get event tickets, you could go to magic mountain, disneyland, on a cruise, or some other place that doesn't involve picking up an electronic device to become a game jockey.

Sometimes it is near impossible to find a thing that someone wants or needs. Perhaps they aren't particularly possession motivated or perhaps they are the type of person that buys what they want for themselves. For these people, try giving the gift of an experience instead of a thing. Send them to a concert or sporting event.

Event tickets are a really good idea for a gift, especially for someone who is into music or if they aren't really into video games. Giving the gift of an experience rather than a thing seems like the obvious choice.

Tickets for any event!? Sign me up for tickets to a concert! A concert of any person I love would be the best! - Lina1028

9 Samsung Galaxy S5

Not enough credit is given to gifts with a high amount of utility. Instead, people often times will opt for gifts that the recipient "wouldn't buy for themselves". But there is something to be said for a gift that will be used and probably enjoyed every single day it is owned.

10 Grand Theft Auto V

Come on, the trailer was released 3 years ago, and it's been 1 year since release. Everyone kills you online.

Best game. The possibilities are endless. - Dragonlindy

The hit game on Xbox One, PS4, Xbox 360, and PS3. I don't recommend for under the age of 16.

The Contenders

11 Pokemon Omega Ruby

A remake of arguably the greatest Pokemon games ever in 3D? Its pretty clear

Oh my gosh,i want this game for christmas.

12 Spotify Premium Subscription

Fortunately, in 2014 Spotify finally made it easy to give people the gift of access to their library of over 20 million songs. And with Spotify Premium, you can take music on the go without having to be online. Install the app on your phone or other mobile device, download your music, and listen wherever without worrying about connectivity or data charges.

13 Shrek

Why did I not vote for Shrek?!

Shrek is love, Shrek is life

Shrek is life, shrek is love.

No man, don't go there.

14 iPad Mini 3

This new iPad Mini will be selling off the shelves this Christmas. Buy one before they sell out. Anyone will love this, all ages. iPad Mini 3 will be great for anyone.

There is an iPad mini 2?

I am getting a ipad mini

You don't need an iPad mini 3, nobody does.

15 Christmas Ornament

My dad got so pumped when he got one of these - thegreatvoter

16 Dragonball Z: Battle of Z
17 Audio-Technica ATH-M50 Headphones

It's one thing to listen to the music you like. It's a whole different experience to listen to that music the way it was intended. These headphones are affordable while still being high enough quality to be used by music professionals while recording in the studio.

18 Beats Headphones By Dr. Dre
19 Gift Cards

Gift cards certainly get a bad rap. They're impersonal, they don't require any thought, they're lazy, and it's like giving someone an errand for the holidays. But you know what? Sometimes it's better to get something you truly want than it is to have the guilt of never using or even throwing away something given with love and care. Perhaps that seems cold, but hopefully you'll get over it when you go shopping for the thing you really wanted and didn't get.

Laugh out loud gift cards.

I might get a 20 doller gift card for ITunes

20 Jackie Evancho's Awakening Album with Bonus Christmas Song CD

For a small investment, you can bring the joy of music to someone you care about. The most beautiful voice in history combined with the most beautiful songs ever created. Pretty good deal. - BobG

21 iPhone 6
22 Fitbit One

Granted, buying fitness related gifts can backfire ("Are you saying I'm fat? "), but if the person you are buying for has already expressed an interest in an activity tracker, the Fitbit One has received glowing reviews and is compatible with Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS.

23 Pressure Cooker

The moist, tender meat in just minutes, not hours. Not your mother's pressure cooker anymore.

24 Assassin's Creed Unity

Gross raided M rely? - Crocy

25 Pokémon X



But it's cruel to catch wild animals and store them in a tiny ball until they are strong enough to fight other animals...


26 Beats Laptop
27 Skylanders: Trap Team

It is so awesome :-P

28 Destiny

Despite what critics say Destiny was still pretty fun

29 Basketball Hoop

I'll ask for this in the summer. Not in the middle of winter.

It could be a mini hoop for inside

30 Pet

You can't go wrong with a new furry friend a gift that never gets boring

31 Red Wings Jersey
32 Mortal Kombat: Armageddon
33 Sonic Generations
34 Canon EOS 600D
35 Apple Macbook
36 iPad Air 2

For a lot of people, a tablet is the ultimate example of a gift they would never buy for themselves. Aside from the early adopter technophiles, most people looked at tablets as a great big phone that did make calls. Who would want something like that? But then a funny thing happened. As soon as someone got a tablet, they ended up loving it. So whether you have someone on your list who is still holding off on getting an big pointless phone or someone who is looking to replace their existing tablet, the iPad Air 2 is a safe, albeit pricey bet.

37 Apple iPad 2

Those came out like, 4 years ago

38 The Zombie Plant Grow Kit

Yes - It is true anyone can grow the Zombie Plant at home and watch how it Plays DEAD when Touched!
Amazing but true. Minutes later it comes back to life! Grows in the Zombie Plant Grow Kit.

39 GoPro

I would like one

Come on! You gotta have that for Chrismas!

40 Crosley Record Player

Bringing back the days when we didn't have all these phones. 3 speeds and portable. Can connect to bigger speakers and has built in speakers.

41 Monster High Doll

Who the hell put this here?

42 Lego Fusion
43 Mega Mewtwo Y Cute Rare Soft Plush Doll Toy
44 Mega Lucario XY Stuffed Plush Doll
45 PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale
46 Lego: Marvel Super Heroes
47 Ultimate Warrior - WWE Elite 26
48 Canucks Jersey

This is what I want, anyway.

49 Microsoft Surface Pro 3

That's supposed to be the best gift ever.
It's a Tablet that can replace your laptop (And I'm not paid to write that)

50 With Love Paris Hilton
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