Best Christmas Gifts for 2014

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21 Gift Cards

Gift cards certainly get a bad rap. They're impersonal, they don't require any thought, they're lazy, and it's like giving someone an errand for the holidays. But you know what? Sometimes it's better to get something you truly want than it is to have the guilt of never using or even throwing away something given with love and care. Perhaps that seems cold, but hopefully you'll get over it when you go shopping for the thing you really wanted and didn't get.

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22 Destiny

Despite what critics say Destiny was still pretty fun

23 Dragonball Z: Battle of Z
24 Fitbit One

Granted, buying fitness related gifts can backfire ("Are you saying I'm fat? "), but if the person you are buying for has already expressed an interest in an activity tracker, the Fitbit One has received glowing reviews and is compatible with Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS.

25 Pressure Cooker

The moist, tender meat in just minutes, not hours. Not your mother's pressure cooker anymore.

26 Money

I would like this because I could go buy something I really wanted - SammySpore

This should be number one.

... Who doesn't want money? - princess_tyty

27 Pokémon X



But it's cruel to catch wild animals and store them in a tiny ball until they are strong enough to fight other animals...


28 Beats Laptop
29 Skylanders: Trap Team
30 Basketball Hoop

I'll ask for this in the summer. Not in the middle of winter.

It could be a mini hoop for inside

31 Pet

You can't go wrong with a new furry friend a gift that never gets boring

32 iPad Air 2

For a lot of people, a tablet is the ultimate example of a gift they would never buy for themselves. Aside from the early adopter technophiles, most people looked at tablets as a great big phone that did make calls. Who would want something like that? But then a funny thing happened. As soon as someone got a tablet, they ended up loving it. So whether you have someone on your list who is still holding off on getting an big pointless phone or someone who is looking to replace their existing tablet, the iPad Air 2 is a safe, albeit pricey bet.

33 GoPro

I would like one

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34 Canon EOS 600D
35 Apple Macbook
36 Red Wings Jersey
37 Mortal Kombat: Armageddon
38 Sonic Generations
39 Crosley Record Player

Bringing back the days when we didn't have all these phones. 3 speeds and portable. Can connect to bigger speakers and has built in speakers.

40 Monster High Doll

Who the hell put this here?

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