Best Gadgets for 2014


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1 Withings Pulse

There are plenty of useful things you can do with the Withings Pulse - Alexandr

This is a perfect watch for those who live in digital world

2 Nest Learning Thermostat

If you're looking for a device that will help you save some money on your electricity bill, getting a smart thermostat would be a good investment. - Alexandr

3 Misfit Wearables Shine

I was skeptical about this one but it's good, very good! - Alexandr

4 Philips Norelco QT4070 Vacuum Beard Trimmer

Beards are cool when they're maintained! - Alexandr

Would love to get this for my brother. - Britgirl

5 Logitech Powershell

Probably the best designed gaming controller for the iPhone - Alexandr

6 Mophie Space Pack

Huge memory is the main achievement - Alexandr

7 Sony SmartWatch 2

Its simplicity makes it look great and easy to use! - Alexandr

8 Aeropress
9 Waterpebble

Haha I like such things - Alexandr

10 iPad Mini With Retina Display

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11 Iphone 5s
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