Best 2014 Super Song Semifinalists

Just a selection over the 20 selected videos. Most of them are amazing songs! The first three are outstanding masterpieces! And the other ones are amazing songs!

The Top Ten

1 Voices - Nelson Emokpae

This is another AMAZING rock song that you MUST listen! This guy has a lot of talent! Even if this song isn't chosen, I bet Nelson will be heard internationally soon! - keyson

2 Ejo Ole - Tim David Weller

This song... It has so many qualities! It should really be Brazil's World Cup Anthem! I can't take it from my head and I love it! You must listen to this song! It fits so well as the Supersong! This German songwriter is amazing! - keyson

3 Raise Your Flag - Angel Elizalde

So catchy! It just sticks in your head and makes you wanna put your hands up and dance and cheer!

Great music by an outstanding musician - keyson

4 We Are One - Nelson Salazar

Amazing song. It could also be a GREAT supersong for the FIFA world cup. It's brilliant! The only part I'd change is when it mentions 8 countries. Just 8! What about the others? However, I'd vote it GLADLY if the two previous weren't participating! Great Colombian songwriter! I can't believe I've written Nelson when his name is Nik, sorry! However, this song will be sung by Pitbull!! I knew it had a lot of potential... Get ready to enjoy this song because it will be in lots of radios around the world! We're on top of the world, we are one, one, one! - keyson

I just really like the title of this one, Keyson - Britgirl

5 The Dream - Fernando Silvera

The Video is Great! The song could have a catchier chorus, though. - keyson

It doens't suprise me that they made another "mistake" with the nationality of Fernando as wel as Nadia Costa, both from Uruguay

6 FIFA Cup - Rodrigo Alexey
7 Uniendo Banderas - Nadia Costa

Amazing song by an amazing artist - keyson

8 Goal - Emilio Capuano

The song is great, but it's easy when you have it since 2009! - keyson

9 The World Is Ours - Pablo Legeren

I think this one is the best one! It should be number one!

10 Get Ready - Randall Correa

Great style! Really fun, but I don't imagine it as a hit song. - keyson

The Contenders

11 The Beautiful Game - Sam Kwon
12 Vida - Elijah King
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Top Remixes

1. The World Is Ours - Pablo Legeren
2. Voices - Nelson Emokpae
3. Goal - Emilio Capuano
1. Ejo Ole - Tim David Weller
2. Voices - Nelson Emokpae
3. We Are One - Nelson Salazar


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