Top Ten 2014 Video Game Award Winners

2014 is probably one of the best years in modern gaming. With Smash Bros. , Pokemon, new IP's, and gaming's biggest franchises getting the spotlight, it's time for me to give out my personal winners of these awards and why I feel so.

The Top Ten 2014 Video Game Award Winners

Game of the Year: Middle Earth-Shadow of Mordor

Good God. This is an amazing piece of majesty. As a non-Lord of the Rings fan, this is probably the most surprising game of the year as well, but I decided to give each game their time to shine, so this is just game of the year. The nemesis system is what makes the game, as it's one of the most unique systems I've seen in games. Mix the system up with the gameplay similarities with Assassin's Creed, and DING DING, we've got a winner! - Super64

Remake of the Year: Pokemon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire

Remakes aren't a very rare thing in the gaming world, heck, the GBA was nothing but remakes, but HOLY CRAP, this game is amazing! As someone who grew up in the 3rd Generation of Pokemon, it was obvious I will pick this up, but this took what I loved about the originals, added the gameplay of X and Y, put a sprinkle of more charm and effort, and we have one of the best remakes in gaming. - Super64

Indie Game of the Year: Shovel Knight

I love this game - Sneslper

Sorry, no Five Nights at Freddy's here! Shovel Knight is, in my opinion, what would happen if you took the original Mega Man games, blended it with Legend of Zelda II, maybe a bit of Castlevania, and BAM! We've got what came as a close second on game of the year. It's a platforming, collecting, boss beating game that, though too short, has many fun cheat codes and upcoming DLC that will expand upon this already great game. - Super64

Art Style of the Year: Child of Light

This game's gorgeous atmosphere and art style just made me forgive Ubisoft for the atrocity that was Assassin's Creed: Unity! Seriously, just, just, wow. "Graphics don't make the game" Yes, and I respect that, but when trying to pick out the best of these categories, I try to find how the gameplay works with the category. The art style just proves that hand drawn animation could be just as amazing as 1080p 60fps 3D graphics. - Super64

Surprise of the Year: Bayonetta 2

Wow, as someone who really doesn't enjoy games such as these, it really makes me question about my life. This game is PACKED with amazing content. The gameplay is superb, the graphics make me stay in awe, the content leaves me playing until the crack of dawn. The online functionality really does work, it's just an amazing game that many people need to pick up and try out, depending on your beliefs. - Super64

Portable Game of the Year: Tomodachi Life

As a fanatic of life-simulation games, this one was obvious. When I first saw this game my reaction was "you're telling me that I can add my Miis into this game, and have them interact with each other and even have relationships with each other as well? Sign me and America up, baby! " This works because the scenarios and minigames that occur are very hilarious, depending on who it is that's participating. - Super64

Me and my sis play this game every day it's so addictive and fun. - MeaganSaysHI

Competitive Game of the Year: Super Smash Bros.
Soundtrack of the Year: Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze

"Another Nintendo game!? " Hey, this was one of Nintendo's best years in recent memory, so yeah. Okay, going to get this out of the way, David WISE IS A GENIUS. As a psycho fanatic for music, Tropical Freeze just makes me want to sit back, relax and drink my smoothie of coconuts, pineapples and oranges. It's so soothing, and the whacky, jazzy ones are my favorites. Seeing as much attention to detail in this soundtrack is just amazing. - Super64

Spinoff of the Year: Hyrule Warriors

IT'S NOT CANON, IT'S NOT CANON, IT'S NOT CANON! No with that out of the way, Hyrule Warriors is what a spinoff should be like. Different designs, different gameplay mechanics, different not canon, the whole package! Yes, it's not made by Nintendo, but it doesn't mean it's not a spinoff game that I could enjoy. Heck, it even inspired me to check out the Dynasty Warriors series, now how's that? - Super64

New IP of the Year: Sunset Overdrive

New IP's are great, when done right, you get Sunset Overdrive. Okay, so this is pretty much how the game plays. In January, Grand Theft Auto and Dead Rising met up on a date, then October came around and this wonderful game was created. Hey, even if it takes a lot of aspects from those two games, it doesn't mean it's bad. You'll surely enjoy it more than Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, as different as that game is from the rest of the series. - Super64

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