room 101: my generation

gemcloben The 21st century is known for having the laziest generation ever. I cannot complain about this, as I am guilty of being lazy, but that is not my problem. My problem is that I am living with unsociable, gullible sheep. Here are my problems:

The music. If you read my work on this brilliant site, you will know about how strongly I feel about music, whether that is a negative or a positive feeling, that depends on the genre or the band. But with music of my generation, it is dominated my singers who cant sing so the put them with other idiots with no talent, this is commonly known as a boy band. They usually make them good looking to con some 5 year old idiots. BRING BACK METAL! Even Paul McCartney did a song with Kanye and Rihanna. How sad.

Now, the fashion/products. Let start with fashion. Positronwildhawk already made a blog post on that, so read that please, but here is my opinion on it. Mainly with girls, they buy a shirt for £100 and it is rubbish and rips in a day, but it still gives them encouragement to by another one and eventually go broke. Now the products. This is the same thing with phones, mainly an IPhone which people buy to brag about it and have no idea how to use it.

Now is my worst one of all, technology. As Karl Pilkington once said "headphones are the next best thing to wearing a "do not disturb" sign". This is one of my favourite quote from one of my favourite people. But people use their phones to avoid talking to their "friends". Then these are not really your friends. I also hear of those who Skype each other from down the street. Is it really that hard to talk? And when you play online on the Xbox, you may as well be playing against the computer. I do talking to people on this site, but those people are far away and I will never meet them.

So now you know what our idiotic generation is all about, please do something to contribute to making a better rather than the one I am living in. If you agree or disagree, write in the comments your opinion, and give reasons for it. Thank you for reading! Up next: room 101: school.


I disagree and like you said, I'll give reasons.

1. I wouldn't go and just disown the entire culture of the whole generation, and that's a stereotype that everyone used to describe everybody. Don't generalise everyone from what you've seen.

2. The whole music diploma. This whole 'Bring back metal and rock' facade just isn't enough evidence to say that the music industry is doomed. I'm just going to be starightfoward and honest, if metal and rock were to be in the mainstream attention, everyone would hate it because of how overplayed it would be. You like metal and will probbly never get bored of it because you listen to it whenever you want to and on the bigger attention ones, it beats the crap out of you to the point were the song is just bad. Always think about it on different sides.

3. This whole arguement of how people are so 'unsociable' nowadays because they use the Internet to talk to people is something that I never understood. That's like saying that Internet friends are not real friends or being a comedian on Youtube is not a real comedian because they're not doing it with a crowded room. The reason why lots of people may use Internet more is because they find it easier to make friends with than in the real world because let's face it, it's impossible.

So there you have it, my rant on the subject. - visitor

Thanks for sharing your opinion - gemcloben

Well, I disagree with you, and like you said, I'll give reasons.

1. One of the things that I really hate and cannot stand is how we can't "stereotype" this generation. It would've been nice to actually not see a depraved culture where they are encouraging teenage girls to get pregnant, stupid ass YOLO, swag, and retarded selfies. We have awful reality shows, some like Big Brother, The Bachelor, Say Yes to the Dress, and so many more that could take years to type. Plus, a lot of kids in this generation just SUCK. Back in the 90s, and also before that, people were so much nicer, and so much prettier. There was less war, poverty, and also good music, television, and movies.

2. While I do think it is quite ridiculous that the "bring back metal and rock" is kinda stupid. I also agree that playing just metal and rock would get boring, and won't be everyone's cup of tea. That said, the music industry isn't dying... Because idiotic teenage girls and boys all over the world are buying music from crappy boy bands. There are so many bad songs out there now, and I can't believe that they're still around after many years of pain. My ears just hurt.

3. As many intelligent people know, technology is destroying human socialization. Instead of actually talking to actual living people, we need to text and take selfies all day. Even when two people live on the same block, they'll still do that. Sure, it is easier to make "friends," but do they really know a lot of them? Do they really go over to their house to hang out and meet them in person? Heck, some of these "friends" mind as well be a simulated e-friend created by the computer. Technically, they are just a profile on the screen created by someone who could possibly be halfway across the world. This technology is also making people a lot more lazy and self centered. It is actually physiologically damaging to people, and ruins their cognitive thinking skills. Admit it, we are regressing as a society. Here's a link to a video that may explain things a bit further. The guy who made it is kinda a jerk, and there are a few errors in it, but I bet it'll give you the main idea of what I'm talking about here:

So that's my two cents on the subject at hand. Have a nice day! - visitor

YESS! I always hate it when people say Metal and Rock are gods and pop and boybands are stupid. That's not all true and those people need to open their minds and see that metal and rock are not so good as they're put out to be. And with the Illuminati conspiracy thingy in those is true. Just because they aren't straightforward about it doesn't mean it doesn't exist. When people think about the Illuminati they think, "Devil, secret society, Hell." when in fact they actually use secret symbols, logos, and lyrics to hide it. This is the same with pop too, because to be popular you have to join them. I also hate it when people made those lists that were edging and motioning that metal is not Satanic. I'm not stupid or shallow-minded even though you think I may appear to be. FYI, all the music artist and everyone famous and at the top is Illuminati. Unfortunatly some Christians have fallen into that trap which betrays themselves and God. It's sad for that to happen, but if you want your dreams you are forced to join. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

I agree, even though this isn't how the whole generation acts and is like, but the majority is pretty much like this. I definitely agree with the music and fashion products. Music has changed so much. I mean, the mainstream songs are telling us that twerking and doing dr*gs is fine to do! No, it's not! What has music come to!? And the fashion! Don't get me started on that! So many girls spend so much money on clothes and then in the next few days it rips. And the clothes kids these days buy! Girls look like sl*ts, and guys are dressing like g*ngsters. Our generation has really gone down hill. - visitor

Great post! Sometimes I feel ashamed of being part of this generation. - visitor

I disagree - visitor