Top Ten Worst Things About Pop Music In 2014

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1 All the songs are about butts and sex

See this why music is crap now. Every single song out there is nothing but sex, sex, sex! What's worse is that retarded fangirls seem to like it and they don't give a crap if they get offended or not. The music now sucks and I hope something good happens. Metal should really come out and shut down pop down.

Metallica could have probably have been capable of doing something like that a long time ago--but, alas, all they care about is money. -_-

I think the industry is more about selling sex. You can honestly see everywhere around the world we act like savages. Porn everywhere on Internet. So it's the sex that attracts many pedophiles and pervs around the world.

And when young girls listen to the radio they see these women as role models, they are very bad role models who just objectify themselves!

Yes! Why do people think this is entertaining? It's just disgusting! And so unoriginal since that's what every song is about now.

2 Attention whoring

Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber, Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Kanye West, Kim Kardashian, even Jennifer Lawrence tried so hard to get our attention. I don't respect them!

The best thing to do is avoid awful singers like Justin Bieber (the once piece of crap from the otherwise amazing Canada) or Miley Cyrus ("queen" of twerking).

To hell with pop

I would never call these people 'whores' but honestly I think these people just don't know what to do with their lives. They just need second chances.

3 Mean fan bases

Beliebers, Victorians, and Directioners, looking at you.

4 Anaconda

This chick's gonna fall off soon. I'm hoping she does. I'm surprised she's still relevant. cause I guarantee that the reason people are still buying her stuff is because they're so obsessed and attracted to her FAKE butt. Is there any person out there with that mindset of not caring about looks? Who would look at Nicki Minaj and say "I don't care about her looks she still sucks as a rapper." Same with a girl who would look at a hot guy singing but can't sing (I'm looking at you Justin Bieber fangirls).

Who cares about looks. Looks don't really mean anything. The skills do. The looks, the money, the fame, the fortune, the popularity, etc, all don't mean jack squat. What really matters is your talent. And Nicki Minaj doesn't have that. She sucks at rapping (Justin Bieber doesn't have any talent either).

Rolling Stone of all things ( the magazine) PRAISED THIS SONG! Why? It is literally the song to outdo Wrecking Ball. Meanwhile, bands like Rush are pushed off by the mainstream. Why? They probably have more talent than most of the mainstream pop songs, if not all of them! There goes my " rant", it's about time I vented it off...

This song is pure garbage. I like SOME of 2014 songs, even though some of them were crap, but this, this is the worst song of 2014 and one of the worst songs ever made.

Love that song nicki minaj has a big butt and boobs it should be number 1

5 Victoria Justice, Meghan Trainor, and Iggy Azalea got more fame

Victoria Justice: average, not memorable, sweet girl though.
Meghan Trainor: repetitive pop songs easy to dance to, one good song ( all about that bass).
Iggy Azalea: started good, ended up being a white Nicki Minaj.

On point. How the hell Meghan Trainor got a Grammy is beyond me. But not all pop music is bad. I really like Melanie Martinez's Cry Baby. It was the first time I heard an album like that. And I'm on the lookout for more.

Victoria Justice is not a very talented singer, Meghan Trainor 's songs are so annoying, and Iggy Azalea's song are mostly crap.

I hate Victoria Justice so much...

6 Repetition
7 Misguided pop fans
8 Auto-Tune

Everyone uses it nowadays, even the most talented singers. It's unfortunate that bad singers can now have music careers because of autotune. Stars like Selena Gomez don't write their own music and also don't have a good voice, and yet she stays famous because her voice is made to sound good.

I was looking for this. Well this thing made a untalented girl to famous. Selena do use this. Once I went her concert and she was singing stars dance. Believe me her voice was fully broken.

Thanks to auto-tune, most singers of today have no talent. Because auto-tune is what they rely on to make them famous. I really don't like it.

Like, I don't like people who overuse it but my favorite band uses it. But at least I don't listen to 1D

9 Taylor Swift made a permanent switch to pop

People are insane to like pop "music". I do admit to liking some, but Seether, Three Days Grace, and Trivium are much better.

Yeah I agree. I mean I do like some pop, but the only pop I don't like is constant talk about butts, partying, sex, drugs, you get the idea. I mean, how can anyone listen to that kind of crap? I'm being dead serious.

No she said she want to make country music later sometimes after she free from Big Machine Records and have feeling to write country song.*This Is Truly,Truly True.If You Don't Believe Me, Search On Internet or Wikipedia.

She was always pop, real country fans can see that. She was just labeled as a country artist to put counrty music into the mainstream.

Lol I agree with you

10 Only about 6 songs on the radio's rotations

Yes! My social studies teacher plays the local radio station whenever we work and they had just played that crappy all about that bass song and guess what? Four minutes later, they played it again. You can literally hear songs that will be played at least twelve times a day!

When your alternative radio station starts playing pop music you just want to hit your head against a wall repeatedly, especially when its played over and over again.

I feel so happy that nobody plays the radio on those stupid radio stations at home. That way, I have not heard of any pop song in the last 5 days.

One of them is that HORRIBLE Don't Blame It On Me song! They just simply refuse to stop playing it!

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11 All About That Base

I hate this, its annoying, and to me it's a song ruined that actually had a good message behind it.

My classmates thought that I was weird when I said this song is annoying.

That girl can't sing. She's gonna fall off after her second album!

The most annoyingly catchy song of the year

12 Generic
13 Bang Bang

I'm just saying. If I wanted to listen to a song called Bang Bang, I'd listen to the one by Rammstein. Not this one.

Made by The Three Idiots in music.

Jessie and Ari just rock the whole song Nicki= Ruined

Proves that three wrongs don't make a right.

14 Lack of creativity
15 Miley Cyrus made music

Just released a cover of The Beatle's Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds with The Flaming Lips and Moby. That's how bad it's gotten.

To be fair, Miley Cyrus's live rendition of Summertime Sadness was amazing.

Miley isn't music, she's a piece of trash you would find on a sidewalk!

I don't call it music. It's called garbage.

16 Justin Bieber Justin Drew Bieber (born March 1, 1994) is a Canadian singer, songwriter, and record producer. He currently resides in Ontario, Canada and is Christian. He is the son of author Pattie Mallette. more.

Okay. Before I get any hate, let me go on record saying that this is the 'only' time where having Justin Beiber on a worst list about music doesn't make sense.

Don't get me wrong, I hate him as much as the next guy, and I love trolling everyone's hard work by adding Justin Beiber to their page, (*holds up Parallel Falchion* "Come at me! ") but if I were to be honest, Justin Bieber didn't do anything that bad this year, especially compared to his 4-year run from 2010-2013.

There weren't any memorably bad songs of his released this year. Maybe Confident, but that wasn't even that much to get pissed over when compared to his other masterpieces like "Boyfriend" or "Baby."

Hell, he didn't even do anything that could've gotten him arrested either. Most of the 'edgy' stuff that he did happened in 2013. Maybe he did stuff like that this year as well, but I don't strictly remember him peeing in a mop bucket + flipping off America's 42nd President in 2014. No, that was ...more

I can't believe he thinks he is so cool hwn he just is a little brat

I love Justin he's not bad

Can we put a actual reason instead of Justin Bieber, every timee go on list about bad things jutin is in the top ten

17 Booty songs

These songs don't even glorify big, juicy booties. They glorify fake, silicone booties!

I hate the word "Booty". It's such a stupid slang word.

Dumbest word I've ever heard in my entire life.

Talking about you,Nicki Minaj...

18 Happy by Pharrell Williams

Undeniably the most overplayed song of 2014.

It was awesome at first, but now I'm bored of it.

This song does not make me feel happy

Overrated, not that great.

19 Lack of Talent

Is anyone watched the x factor, you'd have seen sterio kicks.

20 Pop critics

It absolutely blows my mind how Anaconda got so many positive reviews over negative ones. What is so great about this song?! Nothing! There's absolutely nothing great or outstanding about this song! It's just Nicki sounding like a witch while the Baby Got Back beat is playing in the background!

One critic even said this song was a "cultural movement".

Wake the hell up America! Wake the hell up! Get back to morals and values! We are sinking into the abyss! Wake the hell up!

Tell me about it. Todd In the Shadows got even worse this year. But that's just my opinion.

21 Teens nowadays are thinking that rock is too loud

I used to think that, when I was, like, 6
Now I listen to LOTS of rock

Stupid close-minded teens who never explore other genres.

22 Nicki Minaj's Anaconda being nominated for a Grammy

This is another reason why I don't like the pop industry, songs that are horrible are nominated for the best stuff! But, according to society, that's how it works

23 Hello Kitty

Don't get me wrong, I love Avril Lavigne's music, but I really hate this song. I don't think it's racist, but the song itself is bad.

24 Hangover - Psy Hangover - Psy Cover Art

I thought when I first heard about it "Oh great, antoher song from psy. " But then I noticed the guest apperence was from snoop dogg and I knew it problay couldn't be THAT bad considering I like California Gurls and if Katy used him, I guessed it'd be okay. Then I heard the song and saw the video and I was like what did I just see? I probably won't be hearing K-Pop anytime soon.

Oh yes, and Ellie Goulding didn't get her #1 hit in the U.S yet.For all the idiots who are going to say Love Me Like You Do and Burn hit #1, they hit #1 in the U.K. (mainly because she lives there). Lights is her top charter in the U.S., whitch hit #2

25 Becky G Rebbeca Marie Gomez, better known by her stage name Becky G, is an American singer, songwriter, rapper, and actress.

Great cures for "Shower":
-The Cure - Disintegration
-Peter Gabriel - So
-XTC - Drums and Wires
-Blondie - Parallel Lines
-The Replacements - Let It Be
If you've heard nothing from at least one of these, you aren't human.

Her voice is the most annoying voice I've ever heard, I can't even stand one second of her voice. She makes me wanna listen to kesha and Rebecca black.

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