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181 Born In the Echoes - The Chemical Brothers
182 Anthems for Doomed Youth - The Libertines
183 Short Movie - Laura Marling
184 The Day Is My Enemy - The Prodigy
185 English Graffiti - The Vaccines
186 What Went Down - Foals
187 Xe - ZS
188 Epicenter - Chris Lightcap's Bigmouth
189 LP - Container
190 Colin Stetson - Never Were the Way She Was
191 Ten Love Songs - Susanne Sundfør
192 Golem - Wand

I'm so happy someone added this gem to the list. Amazing heavy psych music with light, high pitched vocals and raw, heavy guitar. - SammySpore

193 Bird Calls - Rudresh Mahanthappa
194 Tundra - Lakker
195 Hollywood Vampires - The Hollywood Vampires
196 Revival - Selena Gomez
197 Smyle - Kyle
198 Handwritten - Shawn Mendes

In a few tracks like Imagination the chorus or first verse is tuned to slow Taylor Swift breakup songs choruses.

WHY is this bastard even in the list! Why? Do you know why Canadians hate rap these days? It's because of HIM! Unforgivable! I hope he retires by the end of 2016. - SelfDestruct

Pop album with country undertones

+SelfDestruct Canadians probably hate rappers you like because they were brainwashed by not just him but by other rappers such as Jay Z and Drake and Pop/R&B singers such as Taylor Swift or Beyonce

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199 Genexus - Fear Factory
200 Rivals - Coal Chamber
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