Best Albums of 2015

I know people are gonna say "It isn't 2015 yet". But I'm just making this list to get ready.

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61 B4. Da.$$ - Joey Bada$$
62 Apex Predator - Easy Meat - Napalm Death

Man it's good to see that Napalm Death are still making great albums! This album is almost as good as "Scum". - Oliwally

63 Sol Invictus - Faith No More
64 Rise to Power - Battlecross
65 Dogma - The Gazette
66 Full Speed - Kid Ink
67 Silence In the Snow - Trivium
68 In Times - Enslaved

One Thousand Years of Rain. - Caleb9000

69 Soul Sphere
70 DS2 - Future
71 Brainwashed - While She Sleeps
72 The Awakening - P.O.D.
73 The Fool - Ryn Weaver
74 Bad Magic - Motörhead
75 We Cool? - Jeff Rosenstock
76 Psycroptic - Psycroptic
77 The Color Before the Sun - Coheed and Cambria

This was the first C&C album that wasn't a concept album or part of the comic storyline. So it was a bit different lyrically. Musically it felt like Rush and it was solid. Not the greatest record by them but good nonetheless. - cjWriter1997

78 The Magic Whip - Blur

"There are to many of us" describes all the songs between this and number 1, or at least the top 10. - PewPewAssassin

79 Rebel Heart - Madonna

To the person saying it sucks.. It's seriously her best work since confessions on a dancefloor.. Its very personal and introspective, reminiscent of like a prayer

Finally Maddy recorded a great album! Yes, Bitch I'm Madonna is bad but the whole material is awesome - ElizaBsST

Great album! Annoying haters should shut up!

No...just...No. This is by far Madonna's Worst Work But's better than anything by Iron Maiden

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80 If You're Reading This, It's Too Late - Drake
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