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61 Shadows in the Night - Bob Dylan
62 Brainwashed - While She Sleeps
63 The Awakening - P.O.D.
64 The Fool - Ryn Weaver
65 Cry Baby - Melanie Martinez


This soundtrack should be on one of the top tens this cd is so amazing, it tells you a story about a girl named Cry Baby. It also includes the storybook in the cd case. #MelanieMartinez #CryBaby - jaaaa

66 Psycroptic - Psycroptic
67 The Color Before the Sun - Coheed and Cambria
68 The Magic Whip - Blur

"There are to many of us" describes all the songs between this and number 1, or at least the top 10. - PewPewAssassin

69 Rebel Heart - Madonna

To the person saying it sucks.. It's seriously her best work since confessions on a dancefloor.. Its very personal and introspective, reminiscent of like a prayer

Finally Maddy recorded a great album! Yes, Bitch I'm Madonna is bad but the whole material is awesome - ElizaBsST

Great album! Annoying haters should shut up!

No...just...No. This is by far Madonna's Worst Work But's better than anything by Iron Maiden

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70 Badlands - Halsey

Best album in the universe! I love it! All of the songs on it are amazing, beautiful, and meaningful. 19/10! - lovefrombadlands

71 Man on the Moon III - Kid Cudi
72 From Birth to Burial - 10 Years
73 Future Hearts - All Time Low

Are you kidding me? 256? This is one of my favorite albums of all time

74 Sauna - Mount Eerie
75 Genexus - Fear Factory
76 Juggernaut: Alpha
77 Crush the Sublime Gods - Dr. Living Dead
78 Unbreakable Smile - Tori Kelly
79 Compton - Dr. Dre

Finally found this. Dr Dre is always awesome. - AlphaQ

80 Upcoming album - Skillet

Oh goodie, lets vote for albums that haven't came out yet (sarcasm).

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