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81 Threat to Survival - Shinedown
82 No Closer To Heaven
83 Cauterize - Tremonti
84 Feels Like - Bully
85 New Bermuda - Deafheaven
86 Dormant Heart - Sylosis
87 Volume - Skindred
88 Zuhältertape Vol. 4 - Kollegah

Kollegah has always been a great German rapper. He grew more and more skilled over the years, his songs being filled with double entendres, double timecraps and multisyllabic rhyme schemes that are rarely less than 5 syllables. And then "King" was released in 2014 and took the German rap game to a whole another level. Those were 20 full songs stuffed with all that made Kollegah great times TEN, it was like he put a dictionary into a rapping machine and had it creating a crazily insane hip hop fest. He was playing the German language like a piano. The question was: what would he deliver after that? It turned out he made a fourth installment of his "Zuhältertape"-Saga, where he takes the persona of a pimp. It is incredible. He actually managed to release a worthy follow up to "King". If you understand a bit of German, listen to "Hoodtales IV". He tells a story, sets a dark mood, delivers double entendres and punchlines, uses several homonyms, and a very complex rhyme structure - all in ...more - Martin_Canine

89 Endless Forms Most Beautiful - Nightwish
90 Get Weird - Little Mix
91 First Kiss - Kid Rock
92 Just Like You - Falling In Reverse
93 Into the Wild Life - Halestorm
94 Aquarius EP - Digital Summer
95 Upcoming album - Arcite

Oh great. Let's put on albums that haven't already came out yet (sarcasm).

96 Reflection - Fifth Harmony
97 How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful - Florence + the Machine
98 Day of the Dead - Hollywood Undead
99 Scar Sighted - Leviathan
100 Cherry Bomb - Tyler the Creator
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