Subliminal Rants: Just "Let It Go"

This is not a post about Frozen. It's a post about fads that continue on for months. And they irritate the stunner out of me. Let's start with clothing.

Clothing has been around since the beginnings of humanity. People wore it to STAY WARM, not to look like a brothel in front of everyone. The same does not apply today. Apparently, a dress is very important to have, and you would die without it. Have you ever heard of the story of that girl who died because she didn't get a dress? You've heard it about as much as I have. And this whole trend with "hipster glasses"? Those things look ridiculous. And they only got famous because of some basketball player.

Up next is the whole thing with Frozen, hence the title. Frozen came out in FRIKKIN' 2013, and it still gets talked about. There's endless comments like "Elsa sucks!" or "Elsa is love, Elsa is life". And people won't stop singing Let it Go! It's a movie, not a religion! Got it? And to the obsessive haters, get off their backs! You're not immune!

We've also got a crap ton of awful songs. Uptown Funk, Lips are Movin, and a buttload of other songs make their way into our radio and make our ears hide in isolation. Uptown Funk is so disco, why not go and buy a Jackson 5 album with that song! And most of the songs of 2015 are about sex or drugs. Those singers do know young kids listen to it, right! And this is why we get the 9 year olds singing Anaconda.

So, that's it for that Subliminal Rant. Tune in later, or some time.

Next is Nicki Minaj.


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