Steven Universe

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Steven Universe is an American animated television series created by Rebecca Sugar for Cartoon Network. The show's based around a young boy by the name of Steven Universe, who is a hybrid of a gem and a human. He lives with his gem friends, Garnet, Amethyst and Pearl.


Steven Universe is different, mainly because in my opinion, it has a really good story line and has really unique characters with characters that have completely different personalities. Also, every episode I did enjoy and it was worth waiting all the time for and has never been boring for me. It is for a wide range of audiences because it has sad, happy, angry or shocking moments that can make kids, teenagers and adults all enjoy this amazing show.

Steven universe is my of most imaginative. T.V. Series out there. I mean like it has a very great story and it is very good paced. Some other shows such as Nickelodeon's T.M.N.T. Gets to complicated, like it makes them go in outer space or " Who is this character", or "How did they get here". Also Steven Universe has some of the the most lovable characters out there. The writers make them feel like there actually in the room with you. They don't just rely on one trait that defines them. A character such as Peridot has a whole arch on how she (it) changes to understand Earth. In the end Steven Universe is one of the Best shows out there.

This show is absolutely AMAZING! The music is incredible, the characters are unique, the story is perfect. The characters develop and grow, the emotional impact this show has on me is insane. This is my favorite Cartoon Network show, (no, my most favorite show in the world! ) It's so charming and sweet, and all of the characters come together in the end like a huge family. Thank you, Rebecca Sugar, for making this amazing show we all know and love!

People just hate on shows they don't care to understand, like why? Why do people "hate" Steven Universe? I mean the only reason why I guess the hate is kinda valid is because the fandom is horrendous, but not all of the fandom is bad! If it were bad, then still, I don't get it why people would "hate" the show! Overall, I just despise people who just can't appreciate stuff from Modern day. Just be patient, and be positive! Stop hating on this show for no apparent or valid reason!

Probably, no, definitely my favorite show ever. It shows a boy who grows up as a magic being, but dealing with problems like friendships, and his dad being supportive in the best way although he's only human. And his friendship with Connie is goals. Rebecca Sugar had such a good idea to make this show. Its smart and the gem idea is just unique and perfect. I love this show so much.

This might not be the only CN show I like, but it is definitely my favorite. Sure, Amazing World of Gumball and Adventure Time is great, but this is much better in my opinion. It has a great story with humor, sadness, friendship, and action. And the cast is just great at singing. Seriously, see the season 1 finale episode "Jailbreak" and see the "Stronger Than You" song. At first, it might seem just like a silly show. I thought that at first, when I first watched it. But I watched more episodes and got deeper into the story, and it is very, very interesting. Highly recommend this show, 9.5/10.

Steven Universe is a beautiful cartoon. Not just meant for kids, but for families and people of all ages to learn from and enjoy. It has great comedy, the overall theme and feeling of the show will make you feel warm and happy inside. It's one of the few shows that tap into ordinary problems in the world, by putting them into a different view. This show is amazing, and is something that should be recognized.

I usually expect tears when I watch a Steven Universe episode. The show is amazingly written and the songs are so catchy. The plot is perfect. Steven Universe is one of those male protagonists who knows that he doesn't have to be mean or act "manly". He knows that it's okay to cry. The shows idea of family is so brilliant. Rebecca Sugar is honestly one of the best writers.

Steven Universe is not like anything we've ever seen. We are shown the story of a growing protagonist who constantly faces obstacles wether they be physical or mental. Steven Universe in my opinion is one of the finest cartoons that have ever been made and let's not forget the first show on Cartoon Network to be created by a woman. Hats off to Rebecca Sugar and team.

So beautifully done. The character development in this show is fantastic. It's fun, it has nice humor, it can be serious, and it is amazing for all ages. The songs are so well done and fun to listen to. Rebecca sugar, you have blown me out of the ball park with this one! Best show I have ever seen!

YEAH! STEVEN UNIVERSE! Honestly, this deserves more attention than Teen Titans Go. There are plots and writings that are really needed in modern society. Plus, the characters and their developments, how the current antagonists are actually shades of gray, the soundtracks, the FEELS! Steven Universe easily rivals against anime

Steven Universe is the best show ever. It has the best storyline. All of the characters are different and the gems have similar characteristics of the actual gem. By the way, the way the characters are based off of their gems, besides the humans. Anyways, in my opinion it's just the best show ever for all people.

This show is amazing in all aspects the relationships are so intense and the musical parts are all so good especially in the later seasons I love it because I relate to characters and that's slightly hard to find now considering cartoon networks other shows are pretty dull and some are just dumb ahem clarence ahem.

Honestly I love the plot of the story. A boy Steven who has an alien like magical destiny. He tries so hard to discover new parts of his abilities and he has this emotional thing going on that gives me this warm aura that makes me won't to watch more. When garnet was a fusion, when jasper came, when knowing that Steven is a hybrid gem and the thing that's makes it interesting is that Jessica got everyone thinking that rose quartz is actually pink diamond. Oh and also when we saw yellow diamond oh my. My name is Odera and I rate this Cartoon Network show number 1 of all 2015

I really like Steven universe because I think it is a good story and it is really cute/awesome my favorite character is Garnet because she is really intelligent and kicks butt.

Overrated. It's good, but I don't think it deserves the acclaim that it gets. Adventure Time, Regular Show, Gumball, and We Bare Bears are better than it. Honest opinion. Please don't hate me!

This is the best show in the world, leaving you always wanting more! I love We Bare Bears and The Amazing World of Gumball, but honestly, this show wins by a mile!

Steven universe is a great show about family and how not everything might go well if you have powers but everyone in the show pulls through it.

Unlike Adventure Time and regular show, Steven Universe actually has a deep and on-going plot. I used to love adventure time, but then it got too dull for my liking.

Honestly, Steven Universe has such a pleasant way threading in adult themes in such a beautiful way. By far the my favourite show ever.

I say that this is one of the best shows out there right now. Can't wait for Steven Bomb 4

This is the greatest show Cartoon Network has ever made

Steven Universe because the soundtracks, characters, art, and story are great.

This show is absolutely incredible! Ita not one of those cheap flash cartoons like most of them! This show is the only reason why I turn my T.V. on everyday!

Steven Universe is one of the best cartoon I've ever watched on cartoon network. This show has powers, action, drama, weapons, comedy, adventure, and every category that I like.