Top Ten Best Cricket Teams of 2015


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1 Australia

The world cup is with them and guess they are the number one.

Australia is the best and will be the best in coming years

I don't personally like Australia they think they are the best players in the world.

They have best players

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2 Pakistan

Pakistan is the best team I've ever seen

Pakistani team is the best cricket team ever...

Pakistan cricket team is a very dangerous team because this team can do any thing where it felt they lose the match it can do any thing in the crusial stage.

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3 India

India is most likely to win the world cup 2015 - paasadani

India will surely be seen in The 2015 World cup final

India is the better site then other teams

Worst team ever in the history

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4 South Africa

They will win world cup 2015. AB's captainship will get championship this year.

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5 Sri Lanka
6 West Indies

They have a really good team but need to be consistent in their matches!

7 New Zealand

New Zealand are the best team ever

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8 England
9 Bangladesh

No doubt Bangladesh is way better than England. They already kicked their ass again.

They are the best

Are you kidding me?
At least this year they are performing very well and better.They've already beat England,Pakistan & India.Should be in top 3

10 Ireland

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11 Zimbabwe
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