Top Ten Eurovision Songs 2015

The Top Ten Eurovision Songs 2015

1 Sweden - "Heroes"
2 Estonia - "Goodbye to Yesterday"

They are a great duo, and they are super talented! Love it! - carameleurovision

This had to win but Sweden was my second favourite - MAORSA05

This is the best song so far. Amazing voices, very nice music, really close to perfect.

3 Italy - "Grande Amore"

Non capiscono perche cazzo questo canzone non ha vinto.

"Nice song"is all I can say. II Volo have good amount of fan. So everything can happen.

4 Belgium - "Rhythm Inside"
5 Russia - "A Million Voices"
6 Slovenia - "Here for You"

What a voice! I'm very curious about live performance!

7 Norway - "A Monster Like Me"

Another beautiful song. They got chance to win of course.

8 Latvia - "Love Injected"
9 Spain - "Edurne"

Well, top 3 confirmed for sure. Don't be surprised if Spain win.

10 Albania - "I'm Alive"

Love Elhaida! I'm alive is a song that actually makes me feel alive!

It's an amazing song. And also potencial winner.

The Contenders

11 Georgia - "Warrior"
12 Romania - "All Over Again"

I really really liked this song. Eventhogh, I don't think that they can win. Because most part of the song is Romanian.

13 Germany - "Black Smoke"
14 Australia - "Tonight Again"

R&B baby! I think guest will end up in top 10 at least.

15 Ireland - "Playing With Numbers"
16 Israel - "Golden Boy"
17 Azerbaijan - "Hours of the Wolf"
18 Montenegro - "Adio"
19 Czech Republic - "Hope Never Dies"

By far the best song from Czech Republic.
What a masterpiece. - Zukram97

20 Serbia - "Beauty Never Lies"
21 Switzerland - "My Time to Shine"
22 San Marino - "Chain of Light"
23 United Kingdom - "Still In Love With You"
24 Iceland - "Unbroken"

Good song, beautiful woman, whatelse could it be.

25 Greece - "One Last Breath"
26 Malta - "Warrior"

I love Ambers powerful song.

27 Armenia - "Face the Shadow"
28 Lithuania - "This Time"
29 Hungary - "Wars for Nothing"
30 Spain - "Amanecer"
31 Cyprus - "One Thing I Should Have Done"
32 Poland - "In the Name of Love"
33 France - "N'oubliez Pas"
34 Austria - "I Am Yours"
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