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1 Persib Bandung (Indonesia) Persib Bandung (Indonesia)

PErsib bandung is the identity of the people of western Java

Persib is a not football club popular, but persib is a lion of Asia!

The best football club in the world

Persib Bandung is the most famous..and the Big Indonesian club - ardiansah22

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2 Real Madrid (Spain) Real Madrid (Spain)

Real Madrid The Best Of The Best in the World

Am from bandung Indonesia, persib is always the best but still as madridista am surely real madrid best in the world

Madrid have more trophy than the others teams

Real Madrid is the best team in the world

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3 Barcelona (Spain) Barcelona (Spain)

Just people are blind. It's saying 2015. Don't you know what happened in 2015? Who won the titles?

Treble winner didn't show you the BEAUTY OF FOOTBALL?!

Neymar and Messi my favorite. Football player in one team.i also like t shirt of team

How is Persib above Barca? They won the Treble!

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4 Manchester United (England) Manchester United (England) Manchester United Football Club is a professional football club based in Old Trafford, Greater Manchester, England, that competes in the Premier League, the top flight of English football.

Glory Glory United and Persib bandung

Glory Glory United and Persib bandung.

I'm proud as fans of Manchester United...

Man United is best of the best club in Europe and in the Earth

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5 Bayern Munich (Germany) Bayern Munich (Germany)

Bayern munich should be number 1 due to the amazing strikes and extravagant defenders

Bayern Munich is the best club ever dan forever number one

Bayern Munich is My favorite club

The most fantastic soccer team ever
We won against juve
Afantastic game
The best football game I have ever seen in my life

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6 Chelsea (England) Chelsea (England)

I think chelsea should be number one because chelsea is the best team in the world

Man U is so much worse than Chelsea

Only one team London to victory champions league

How is chelsea this high, they bombed out of the ucl at the round of 16, got knocked out of the efl cup at the same stage and they finished 10th in the leauge. what!? :(

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7 Arsenal (England) Arsenal (England)

So let me get this straight, A club based in a country that's rubbish at football and a club that 99% of their glory and fanbase has come from only the last 10 years is higher than this true amazing club that put nothing but pure heart and soul into all their fantastic achievements? Disgusting. - AGK

Arsenal is a so underrated team and are not given credit for all the skill they have packed into there 11 starters.

We will we will rock you. sorry chelsea we will rock you on 26 april 2015

Arsenal 2:0 Bayern

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8 AC Milan (Italy) AC Milan (Italy)

AC Milan ranked 10th in the Italian Championship this year. It's the third year that they don't go to the Champions League, so no, they shouldn't be in the top 10.

Persib & milan in my heart

Ac Milan is the big and the part of football

Best footbal club in the world.

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9 Liverpool (England)

Come to bandung - Indonesia and friendly match with @persib bandung

Best football club in england

Liverpool is my identity

Klopp for the kop

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10 Juventus F.C. (Italy) Juventus F.C. (Italy)

How is Juventus 14. They made it to the champions league final

One of the best team, even still in the semifinal of UEFA Champions League

Second best club in Europe because of the Champions league!

Juventus should be 2 for 2015. - Spino

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11 Persija Jakarta (Indonesia)

Me persib bandung

The worst team ever.! You wanna die? No salary? This the place.

Persija Pride of Jakarta

Is an Indonesian football club based in Jakarta. Persija currently competing in the League of Indonesia.
Persija was founded on November 28, 1928, exactly one month after the Youth Pledge, with a forerunner named Voetbalbond Indonesische Jacatra (VIJ). VIJ is one of the clubs that co-founded the Football Association of Indonesia (PSSI)

the only major league club in Indonesia that has never been relegated

Persija has a supporter named THE JAKMANIA with a force of approximately 100,000 fans

Persija is bigger than persib because we have more titles

persib fans don't like us..we don't care!

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12 Galatasaray (Turkey)
13 Persepolis F.C. (Iran)

Perspolis is best

14 PSM Makassar (Indonesia)

The Oldest Football Club in Indonesia since 1915 #EwakoPSM

100 Tahun PSM Makassar

PSM selalu hidup di sepak bola Indonesia. hidup PSM MAKASSAR.

15 Semen Padang F.C (Indonesia)

The Best Of The World

Indonesian teams are average

I,m from Indonesian...and i,m like semen padang spartack ada di mana mana,!

16 Tractor Sazi (Iran)
17 A.S. Roma (Italy) A.S. Roma (Italy)
18 Shillong Lajong F.C. (India)
19 Paris Saint-Germain F.C. (France) Paris Saint-Germain F.C. (France)

Whoever said Chelsea are better than psg, pig knocked them out 2-1 in champions league 2016

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20 PSCS Cilacap (Indonesia)

PSCS is not also the best club in Main Division in Indonesia league, but also the best club in Asia.

Good team at central java

PSCS cilacapa is second division football in Indonesian, but PSCS cilacap the best team in south coast of java

Gw ga nyangka ada pscs cilacap

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