Top Ten Indian Rappers of 2015


The Top Ten

1 Bohemia

Bohemia is the one of rapper who can sing any type of rap

Best of Best All Rapper God BoHeMiA Raja

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2 Yo Yo Honey Singh

Yo yo is the best singer and rapper of India

Yo yo honey singh is to good. He is the number 1 rapper of India

Yo yo song is a very powerful and 100% energy song
I love yo yo music song and dance

He is best from all rapper raftaar, bohemia and badshah father is yo yo

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3 Milind Gaba

Your singing style is mind blowing.

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4 Raftaar

About raftaar best rapper he just show why his swag is desi to every rapper and personally to honey singh

Best rapper ever I seen, no one can beat him

I like your all songs. super duper hit songs I love your voice

He is 1 of the best rapper in India

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5 Ikka V 3 Comments
6 Rap Immanuel
7 Brodha V V 1 Comment
8 Adhi
9 Badshah V 8 Comments
10 Pardhaan V 3 Comments

The Contenders

11 Addy Nagar

Addy you r just great

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12 A-Bazz V 1 Comment
13 Naezy The Baa (Naved Shaikh) V 1 Comment
14 Akash King V 1 Comment
15 Syed Ibrahim
16 Hervin aka Alien

Best rapper... He needs to top the list...

17 FireShield

Fastest upcoming rapper from India.
He manages his rap and study at IIT Indore all by himself.
He is the fastest rapper, if you don't believe then he is going to release a video in 1.5 month you will see then.
I know he is not best but still give a chance to him as he is new.

18 VBG.Rapstar

It is the best

19 Jamil Suleman

This dudes about to blow up! Peep his soundcloud for his real NW hip hop and his music video for Curry NA Hurry. Got on the radio three times this year! New content coming out soon.

20 Mahi Singh
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