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1 The Book Of Souls - Iron Maiden

Bruce Dickinson had throat cancer during the recording of this album and the vocals are out of this world and this is a 40 year band and these guys are in there late 50's and early 60's and still bringing out Epics and Fantastic Material. Up The Irons!

Should be 1 no doubt

Kicks more ass than all of these combined one of their best album. And I guess beyound the red mirror is amazing too hell yeah

2 Beyond the Red Mirror - Blind Guardian

This album is gorgeous. Anybody who sees this list should take the time to listen to this album, it is a gift sent by the gods. - Derrick_Fox

Epic. Perfect. The best. - Metal_Treasure

Great, it should be number 2, definitely better than that Ghost album, Ghost sucks!

3 Meliora - Ghost

This list was made before most of these albums ever came out. - ryanrimmel

Honest to Satan, flawless! - Caleb9000

Awesome album. Definitely their best. - IronSabbathPriest

4 Repentless - Slayer
5 The Pale Emperor - Marilyn Manson

I love MM, but this album isn't metal. It's alternative/blues rock.

6 From the Very Depths - Venom
7 F.E.A.R.- Papa Roach
8 Immortalized - Disturbed

Even though its not as good as Red Mirror or Book of Souls its still amazing. Disturbed is back!

9 The Anthropocene Extinction - Cattle Decapitation

The best extreme metal album of this year. - Caleb9000

Best death metal album of the year, and my favorite cattle decap album next to monolith of inhumanity. Great album! Worth a listen - ryanrimmel

Repentless SUCKED, like any other Slayer album after Seasons. - ThatStrangeKid42

10 Feel the Misery - My Dying Bride

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11 In Times - Enslaved

Damn how the hell is this below Repentless?!
This album got me into Enslaved and is easily my favorite album of 2015. - Metalmaniakkk

12 New Bermuda - Deafheaven
13 Return to Forever - Scorpions
14 VII: Sturm und Drang - Lamb of God

LOG's third best album! Listen to this album and you'll know its just as good as ashes of the wake or sacrament.

15 Songs from the North I, II & III - Swallow the Sun
16 The Unconquerable Dark - Black Tongue
17 Rooted - Metallica

Metallica didn't released an album in 2015.

Umm - ryanrimmel

18 Silence In the Snow - Trivium

Not a bad album but I wish they return to the music of shogun or ascendancy.

19 The Plague Within - Paradise Lost
20 What Should Not Be Unearthed - Nile

Nile never dissapoints me - ryanrimmel

21 A Conspiracy of Stars - Ufo

I saw them live and it was a great experience, including the songs from here. - Caleb9000

22 Venom - Bullet for My Valentine

Just listen to Broken, Raising Hell, Army of Noise, No Way Out and vote this album.

Absolutely best album of 2015. - Nimbusman

Listen to No Way Out.
Also, who added Human by Three Days Grace? Not metal - EvilAngel

23 I Worship Chaos - Children of Bodom

This should be higher - bobbythebrony

24 The Order of Things - All That Remains
25 Hammer of the Witches - Cradle of Filth

Best CoF album ever. - Caleb9000

26 One Man Army - Ensiferum
27 Coma Ecliptic - Between the Buried and Me
28 The Boats of the "Glen Carrig" - Ahab
29 My God Given Right - Helloween

It's a pretty damn good album if you ask me.

30 Kill the Flaw - Sevendust
31 Under the Red Cloud - Amorphis

Great mashup of subgenres. - Caleb9000

32 Autumn Eternal - Panopticon
33 Frontschwein - Marduk
34 Apex Predator - Easy Meat - Napalm Death
35 The Harvest - Stoned Jesus

One of the best album of the year

36 Songs from the North I, II & III - Swallow the Sun
37 Redeemer of Souls - Judas Priest

It came out in 2014... - Metal_Treasure

I'm supriesed this was not on the list

38 Valley of Tears - Tank
39 Luminiferous - High On Fire
40 +4626 Comfortzone - Beardfish

Beardfish are a modern progressive rock/metal band from Sweden. - IronSabbathPriest

41 This Is No Fairy Tale - Carach Angren
42 Bad Magic - Motörhead
43 Instinctus Bestialis - Gorgoroth
44 Endless Forms Most Beautiful - Nightwish
45 High Country - The Sword

Pretty good. - Caleb9000

I had the pleasure of seeing them live in december, 2015... kickass. - Caleb9000

46 The Direction of Last Things - Intronaut
47 Islands - 5r6
48 Sovran - Draconian
49 Under the Force of Courage - Galneryus
50 If You're Reading This It's Too Late - Drake

Why the hell is this on here? This is the opposite of metal.

A far superior album to Repentless.

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1. Venom - Bullet for My Valentine
2. Immortalized - Disturbed
3. The Book Of Souls - Iron Maiden
1. Meliora - Ghost
2. Repentless - Slayer
3. The Anthropocene Extinction - Cattle Decapitation
1. The Book Of Souls - Iron Maiden
2. Repentless - Slayer
3. Meliora - Ghost

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