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41 Instinctus Bestialis - Gorgoroth
42 Endless Forms Most Beautiful - Nightwish
43 High Country - The Sword

Pretty good. - Caleb9000

I had the pleasure of seeing them live in december, 2015... kickass. - Caleb9000

44 What Should Not Be Unearthed - Nile

Nile never dissapoints me - ryanrimmel

45 The Direction of Last Things - Intronaut
46 Islands - 5r6
47 Sovran - Draconian
48 Under the Force of Courage - Galneryus
49 If You're Reading This It's Too Late - Drake

Why the hell is this on here? This is the opposite of metal.

A far superior album to Repentless.

50 Day of the Dead - Hollywood Undead
51 Human - Three Days Grace

Not bad but not metal.

52 Cold Inferno - Disarmonia Mundi
53 Scar Sighted - Leviathan

This album really impressed me. Leviathan was just a blip on the radar to me until this came out - ryanrimmel

54 Suicide Euphoria - Pissgrave

Doesn't take my vote but definitely something new and unique. - Oliwally

55 From Beyond - Enforcer
56 That's the Spirit - Bring Me the Horizon
57 Condition Human - Queensryche

Underrated. Thanks to Geoff Tate people maybe gaved up on this band after dedicated to chaos or frequency unknown. Well that ass hole got kicked out of the band and now got a new singer. Although he's not as good as early tate but he's almost as good. They had a self titled release a few years ago but this is better in my opinion. Listen to Arrow of Time or the self - titled album and you'll know this album is bringing queensryche back to goodness.

58 Carthagods - Carthagods
59 The Battle Sanctuary - Dragonheart
60 Polaris - Tesseract

This should be higher. Tesseract is a very underrated prog band - ryanrimmel

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1. The Book Of Souls - Iron Maiden
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3. Meliora - Ghost

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