Best MLB Pitchers of 2015


The Top Ten

1 Clayton Kershaw

Star pitcher, hard to hit pitches, has a couple no-no's

Love him so foment win every game you need him to

Come on everyone knows that Kershaw is the best pitcher since pedro back in 99. Kershaw is trying to be like Koufax and they both have about the same curve both of them are deadly so come u know he's awesome!

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2 Madison Bumgarner

Strong left handed pitcher for the giants and pitched in there World Series

Giants ace is really coming strong in San Francisco

Come on he was the World Series Mvp

Good pitcher

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3 Adam Wainwright

David Ortiz has tried, but failed a lot of times

A boss and no one can even touch him because he is a gofer

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4 Corey Kluber
5 David Price

He's the best he was mvp 2013 and a really hard player he could get better before retirerment

Left hander of the rays pretty good but he is not getting any younger

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6 Felix Hernandez

He is the best. that's why he is a king

7 Johnny Cueto
8 Max Scherzer

He has almost had many perfect games and he already had a no hitter

9 Matt Harvey

Best under pressure and tight games

"The Dark Knight Returns"

10 Doug Fister

The Contenders

11 Zack Greinke
12 Henderson Alvarez
13 Jake Arrieta Jake Arrieta Jacob Joseph Arrieta is an American professional baseball pitcher for the Chicago Cubs of Major League Baseball.

If you compare Arrieta to trout, Arrieta would win every Time

14 Jacob DeGrom
15 Shane Greene

He has not had an earn run score on him in a game yet! Go Detroit Tigers

16 Nick Martinez

He is a total beast this year with a 1.88 ERA

17 Taijuan Walker
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