Best MLB Players of 2015


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21 David Ortiz
22 Todd Frazier
23 Kolten Wong
24 Yoenis Cespedes

Come on people. Please vote Yo up. He got traded to Mets on trade deadline and carried the Mets on his shoulders and brought them to playoffs. Then Murph carried the Mets to the World Series. Lets Go Mets. Hopefully this Jay Bruce trade helps the Mets bigtime.

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25 Jose Bautista Jose Bautista

Best hit I have ever seen in my life

BEST at hitting ever!

26 Carlos Correa

way to low

27 Yasiel Puig

Puig is an amazing player if he would of got put in for game 5 the Dodgers could have won

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28 Paul Goldschmidt Paul Goldschmidt

He should be top ten

Pure awesomness at its best

29 Matt Carpenter

Matt is to good to not be named the number one player in the world so he should be number one mlb player!

30 Zack Greinke

He is a great teammate of mine it's a shame he's not higher

He's one of my heroes and my all-time favourite player. - PetSounds

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31 Chase Utley

He is a great defensive player and offensive player

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32 Justin Turner
33 Jake Arrieta Jake Arrieta Jacob Joseph Arrieta is an American professional baseball pitcher for the Chicago Cubs of Major League Baseball. V 1 Comment
34 Robinson Cano

Pretty good player I personally think is deserving

35 Max Scherzer Max Scherzer

Max Sherzer is a complete package with two no-hitters. AND He's on a great team.

36 Gerrit Cole V 1 Comment
37 Alex Rodriguez Alex Rodriguez
38 Ryan Braun Ryan Braun
39 Albert Pujols
40 Joe Mauer
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