Top Ten New British YouTubers of 2015

These are the top ten new and upcoming British Youtubers, in 2015

The Top Ten

1 Calvin McDonald

I love calvin, especially the impression video!

He is such a funny guy and I think is he such an amazing new YouTuber he always seem to make new videos to keep his fan entertained. and he is just amazing

2 Liam Spencer

Lets just say he is amazing. and love Oreo

3 Tom Orry

Tom has been one of the most successful new YouTuber this month, and always keep coming with good content.

4 Tony Wedral

Tony is so funny and amazing, I love his videos,

5 Shaun Huxley

Shaun querky videos is just amazing

6 Beckiiofficial
7 Sarah Yasmine
8 I Hate Everything
9 Harry Talks Stuff

He so amazing, and I think need to be on this list

10 Chrismd

ChrisMD is better than every1 else on this list. So good!

He's the best

The Contenders

11 Theo Baker

He good

12 Rob Lee

His vlogs remind me of funforlouis

13 Simply Luke

He has the most amazing videos, and I think he can reach somewhere one day

14 DukeOfKidderminster

Great youtuber, shame that his channel didn't last but he is still on YouTube as D.U.K.E so that's good - DOK

15 Danisnotonfire

He isn't on here?! What?! He is my inspiration. He makes me laugh, and if he could then he would make whole internet laugh! Also lets not forget Phil. He is ALWAYS happy and creative about his ideas in videos. Because without Phil there would be no Dan ( or DanAndPhilGAMES or DanAndPhilCRAFTS) Back to the point, Dan deserves everything he has especially Phil ( and to be on this list :p )
- some random internet hobo

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