Top Ten New Year's Resolutions for 2015

Everybody wants to better themselves. Some people even want to better their community. The loftiest of people want to improve the world. Regardless of your level of altruism, New Year's seems to be the iconic time to start your personal quest.

In Western Culture, January 1st is the start of a new calendar year and a symbol of starting a new life. Many people tend to make goals for themselves centering around that date and the traditions surrounding it.

Below are the top ten New Year's Resolutions for you to try for the upcoming 2015 year.

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21 Solve Your Relationship Troubles

Maybe you're in a bad relationship and need to get out or maybe you aren't in a relationship at all and want to find that special someone. Either way, find a counselor to help you talk through it, talk to your partner about your true feelings, or start being more social and look for new friends that you can develop into a deeper relationship. Just get moving toward something. - Finch

Welp I'm single, so I guess I have one less resoution to worry about! - ruJILLous

Means my mam haven't got along ever since her and my dad divorced 2 yrs ago. She has her own business and is always busy. I get along better with my step-mam and she is my principle. So I will try to get on better with her.

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22 Become a Better Christian

How about becoming a better human being than following an immoral, centuries old book?

I will! This year I plan to be baptized. Go to church more! It's kinda hard when my sis practice is every Sunday. I plan to give my life to God,Not to Sin (well lying is hard! ),and become a better singer. - LittleLovelies

How about care more about your religion because Christianity isn't the only one. - AnonymousChick

There is no such thing as Christianity. Atheism is the ONLY religion in my book.

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23 Stop Lying

Lying? People I know do that all the time - koopaiscute

Stop lying to yourself by not watching the Fox news channel,and ever voteing Republican!

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24 Take a Trip

Have you always wanted to travel? See the world and experience new things? Maybe your tax refund can help you with those plane tickets. Decide what/where you want to go and set a budget. then, maybe get a piggy bank of separate bank account and start putting those pennies in. It'll add up and before you know it, you'll be on your way. - Finch

It lets you let go for once and gives you a break from your worries and struggles to just relax.

You should see new places of the world, go somewhere youve never been to just to have a great time there & learn some new things. - ruJILLous

25 Be a Good Person

That's me. I am a good person but I should definitely be a good one. - koopaiscute

To live simple as possible as we can,this is the law of nature. Apply this rule to save nature,pollution,envirnment then each and every man will be best person. - madhavgundre

26 Write in a Diary

One of the worst resolutions ever. I kept one once and poured out all of my emotions and my mum read of it - frankjackson

Ugh yeah, I have a diary and I've only written in like the 1st page cause I can't be bothered. I don't think a diary's my thing, though. Good luck to anyone trying out this resolution - I've been there already!

I tried but couldn't keep it going. Rather write daily lines of gratitude...and not necessarily keep it forever. It gets trashed, or else I would end up with too much...

27 Go to More Concerts

It will be awesome

28 Keep the Weight You Lost Last Year Off
29 Learn to Play an Instrument

Playing an instrument proves to be very beneficial to your health, so why not?

30 Make Great Lists for TheTopTens

All the way man

And its doing very well - Anonymouscat

31 Less Screen Time

Really, I bet every one of you are watching T.V. right now and playing on your tablet. You want the proof, YOUR READING THIS!

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32 Have More Sex

Really, I think that Lil Wayne visited this website! - swrs1234

Sex can relive you from painful stress during the day and also cements your friendship with your partner that consequently leads to happier life

Actually having sex gives you more stress depending on your age. - koopaiscute

Man must have interest in more sex. Which keep man & women both stressless and joyful. If both of anyone affect due to thioride,bp,sugar,acidity and other such disability then we must take treatment in time,must do yoga & pranayam and keep our life healthy for good sex. - madhavgundre

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33 Get a Job

I was hoping to become a full pledged ballerina dancer, wild game hunter, fashion designer, formal gown designer, video game designer, writer, cheerleader, fisherman, baseball player, golf player, football player, basketball player, ice skater, singer, community worker or camp counselor in the near future. - playstationfan66

Get your ass up in life and stop living with your parents.

So you can earn money to get the things you want to have

34 Finish a Project

For me it's polishing the second draft of my novel, write a synopsis and send it to a suitable agent. - Britgirl


Please stop talking to yourself. Do I need to send you to a mental institution? Yes, I thought so. - Wolftail

35 Be More Motivated

Be more motivated to work haha

36 Gain Muscle Mass

Don't just talk about it and do bodybuilding every few days, actively do it everyday! - soap1999

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37 Do Selfless Acts for Others

Doing this helps you get right with God. - koopaiscute

To live once faith and to seek new one is very dengerous.This will become us selfless. - madhavgundre

38 Get Into a Good School

I am already going to a private high school and will be going to Harvard law because my dad is on the board of directors so done that

Then focus on getting through without becoming corrupt in the process, wise ass.

Join govt.high schools. That are the good schools for to make our child allrounder! - madhavgundre

39 Get Adequate Sleep
40 Quit Drinking

Drinking is a really bad habit, too, just as bad as smoking. It's against the bible to get drunk. - funnyuser

No wonder Jesus turned wine into water then. He saw how pointless AA meetings were.

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