Top Ten New Year's Resolutions for 2015


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61 Be More Responsible V 1 Comment
62 Make New Friends
63 Stop Masterbating

Of course I won't

V 1 Comment
64 Read the Bible Daily

Jesus Is The Best! - Awesomelionking10

Yes Praise The Lord.

God is no joke

Praise The Lord with heart love him

V 1 Comment
65 Invest In a House
66 Stop Eating Meat

I did this for 2014. Still going. 10/10 would resolute again (Double vegetarian)?

I eat less meat now, thanks to pasta

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67 Give More Time to Family V 1 Comment
68 Buy More Band Merch
69 Meet Your Favorite Band
70 Get Married
71 Go Skydiving
72 Write 2015 Instead of 2014
73 Don't Have Sex
74 Stop Procrastinating

I don't want to be putting the 'pro' in 'procrastination' anymore. Its fine with the chores but it seriously affects my grade. Need to stop this habit.

75 Be More Deathcore
76 To Write a New Year's Resolution

Genius I suck at writing these

77 Disregard Women, Acquire Currency
78 Expanding Social Circle

I need new friends, my friends now get mad when I hang out with other people instead of them. - BlackDiamond925

79 Sleep More

4 hours in not enough!

80 Donate to a Charity

I love to do that. I always do that.

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