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1 Mad Paintball by Loleris

This game is awesome I really enjoy this gam and its really fun you should go play it

This game should be a classic, even though it's not popular anymore.

Uh, this game is good but I think it shouldn't be #1

This game is really good enjoyed playing it

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2 Call of Robloxia 5 by litozinnamon

Best game ever. I love the way the guns fire, the detailed crosshairs and gunshots, and the post WWII setting. Litozinnamon made an incredible game.

This game is really fun but sometimes is a big pain in the butt

A Roblox parody off of one of my brother's favorite games - MeaganSaysHI

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3 Designer Mania (Paid Access) by MonkrysGhost

Yesterday my sister bought me 2,000 robux and I spent like 1300 of it already and then I bought access to this game, it's really fun and sometimes it has very funny and weird fashion choices, If you got more than 25 robux, you should go see for yourself lol - MeaganSaysHI

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4 Murder Mystery 2 by Nikillis

It's really fun, you get to trade your weapons in with different players, you get to collect coins to unlock stuff, and you get to level up I'm on level 15. - MeaganSaysHI

Probably my second favorite game on Roblox. - letdot52

Definitely the best Roblox game of 2015.

Why did he bring it back? I like MAD Murderer!

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5 Twisted Murderer by Taymaster

Instead of being a randomized character, you get to be your own and show off your "Duds" to the whole community. (Unless you have colored parts, in which case the murderer would easily see you. )-R

All murder games are good in my opinion, this is a good example, instead of being a random character you get to be your own roblox character - MeaganSaysHI

Wow! So fun! I love to play this, don't let the haters put you down Tay, you did a good job!

I heard it's really popular

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6 Advanced Warfare Tycoon by Zednov

This is one of the best tycoons I've played yet. The design and graphics are cool. The gear you get to buy is the best I've seen in tycoons! You get to get a hangglider as one of the choices! It's fun learning how to fly it.

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7 Prison Life by Aesthetical

You can be either a police officer or prisoner, the police officer role is usually full, anyway, as a prisoner you would have to find your way out of prison to become a citizen without being handcuffed back into prison, it's a very interesting game. - MeaganSaysHI

Very entertaining game, however, a LOT of younger children play this game and get frustrated.

It makes it hard to find good players and even harder to beat them. Depends on how smart they are - Doggus

I loved it until it got overflowed with hacks - Doggus

Good Game

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8 Phantom Forces by Litozinnamon

Lots of effort, Smooth gameplay, No children screaming like Call of Duty

One of the best point of view shooting games on Roblox. - ethanmeinster

Phantom forces is an insane gun game

Best gun game

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9 Speed Run 4 by Vurse

So good! But it is really hard and takes hours which is a good thing because you don't finish the game really fast.I was addicted to this game but not anymore because I completed it.

Game is fun, but it is so frustrating, I almost broke my computer on the ice cream cone one

The first game I ever played and I loved it

I'm so addicted to this game

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10 Stop, it Slender! by Kinnis87

Stop it slender is really good game, and if you like horror games and haven't tried it yet... Just try it!

It's just like the real Slender game - MeaganSaysHI

I like that the lobby is funny with the balls and ceiling (Look up), and then it gets scaryish. But chu get used to it. What's fun is being slender. Funny to see new peeps reaction.

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11 Apocalypse Rising

It's tense, you could come around the corner to some guy skilled and ready, or come around the corner to someone looking away and unskilled. Most people have terrible skill and dislike this game for that reason, I was bad and still enjoyed it. Since I persevered I figured out tips and tricks to help survive.

Best survival game on roblox. May be difficult if you are new to the game. Playing with squads make it a whole lot funner, but solo is also fun too.

It's a great game. Professionally scripted and coded. Great for player who can't run Unturned or any other survival games.

I wish you could play this solo. I would love to play this without the campers and stuff. Very fun.

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12 Roblox High School

My brother ALWAYS plays this game. But I don't find it fun...

This game is fun because you can hang out with friends and do roleplays

I get to have sex with a lot of hot high school babes

I put one of my precious OCS on here and then he had a bunch of 3.0s asking him for dates..
Not that bad apart from class skippers, oders and principal power abusers!

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13 Obby

Obby? Which one there's hundreds?

Which on by, there are millions.


Lol so cool

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14 Deathrun Winter Run by Wsly

LOVE this game. I play it with my cousins and sometimes I win sometimes I don't but its fun to play if you wanna challenge your self

It's a nice game but I want better

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15 Game Stop Tycoon V 1 Comment
16 Mad Games

I always play this game, so addictive to start with.Plus, It has all these cool games smashed into one! Also, you get to play cool tunes on your back when playing a game.

MAD GAMES is the best game on earth I'm addicted to it and so are some of my friends I always play it every day you can type any song code you want in the boom box and there is a lot o fknifes and guns to choose from

Absolutely hate it. Too many overpowered abilites that require ROBUX! - Doggus

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17 Roblox Titanic

Awesome Just like the movie FUN AND CREATIVE

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18 Monstrum V 2 Comments
19 Person299 Minigames V 3 Comments
20 2 Minute Town! by Itsmeklc

Awesome one of the best games I have played on roblox!

You better try this, You will play it everyday.

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