Swellow Reviews - Here (Alessia Cara)

Swellow I decided to do a more positive side to my Swellow Rants series, this time starting off with the song Here, by the new artist called Alessia Cara.
Alessia herself is not an artist who began this year, as she has been doing songs since 2011 onwards. Her genre of music includes R&B and PBR&B, along with the mixture of pop. You can find her on Youtube if you want to see her tracks before that time, but let's get started...

Lyrics - The lyrics of the song are a bit of a change from the typical songs I've heard this year. While this year didn't overuse the typical themes of pop music, there was some strange things with some of the song's meanings, Here being one. This one's lyrics describe Cara going to a party due to her interest, but she starts to regret it because she realizes how much she hates the concept of partying. This is probably the part of the song that's the best, so I'll settle with a 4.5/5.

Vocal - Thankfully, the lyrics go with the way Alessia has sang with the song, and don't appear to be half-robot like what we have experienced with Pretty Girls and Hey Mama. The only flaw is the voice sounds a bit too similar to some other artists I have heard recently. 4/5.

Beat - Beat of the song isn't something instrumental-worthy, and fits better with the lyrics than on it's own. However, the lyrics and vocal go well with this beat, earning it 3/5.

Video - I am not the type of person to judge by video, but the video is an interesting one. Alessia inspired it by the fact she wrote the song by having her the only one moving in a frozen in time party. Interesting concept, but the video does slightly ruin it as Cara does typical partying content, like drinking, even though the song is her difficulty about it. 3.5/5 for this one.

And the final verdict for this song is 9.5 out of 10. The song is great, has a meaning, and I love Alessia's voice, and the flaws I have stated clearly above. Make sure to listen to more of her songs, though, because they are improvements to these. I hope she doesn't fade out.


I would add that she really, really, REALLY drags on in the verses as an issue under vocals. But yeah. - WonkeyDude98

Yeah, that's one of the problems of the song, but she still does a good job. I also like her fashion; If you see her in concert, she doesn't put on a pound of makeup and dress like she's wearing gold. *stares at Nicki Minaj* - Swellow

You review exactly like I do, except for even better. I'm jealous. - PhenomentalOne