WonkeyDude98 Analysis: Make Up + R. City

By now, you know how I feel about Locked Away. I like it. Actually, in retrospect, did I? I don't know. I liked the hook, but R. City's vocal performance is starting to annoy me, and I realized dreadful similarities to Justin Bieber's As Long As You Love Me. I'm now a bit on the fence.

That's not the song I'm reviewing though. The song is the latest hit by R. City called "Make Up" ft. Chloe Angelides. So, someone who no one's ever heard of. Let's get down to it.

The beat is very so-so. There's a decent melody despite it sounding drowned out and then there's this weedy synth line that can get annoying.

"I give you everything you want/But all you talk about is everything I don't/Why you always talking slick?/It's like I can't do nothing without getting lit/Until I throw you on the bed/Put it down, pull your hair, kiss your neck/You love messing with my head/Sometimes I think that you not even upset/One day, me no even talking to you/Next day, watch me call ya/One minute, you hit me/Then the next you want me put it on ya". *deep breath* I'm going to stay optimistic, because that was terrible. The lyrics sound really tryhard and are barely coherent. It's about a mixed relationship, but the presentation was awkward, ugly, and clunky.

Now for Angelides' hook: "I love it when we fight just to make up/Funny how bad words turn to making love/I get under your skin, babe, just because/I love it when we fight just to make up". Now, I have mixed feelings about this. The imagery is still terrible, but the lyrics go a little more towards distressed than resentful.

Back to R. City for the last part of the song that isn't a repeat: "Well, make it up to me, baby/I make you happy in the bed/But girl, it's so much better any time I get you mad/Why you so wicked and bad?/Attitude makes me want to bend you over my legs/Scream and yelling de house down/Sometimes you love me, sometimes you're coming for my head/We are we with the whole town/Fighting like teenagers all over again". *long pause* ....uggggggggh. R. City's vocabulary for one is so restricted it isn't funny. Secondly, the imagery is once again awkward and clunky. Also, she makes you so annoyed you would break her spine? Isn't that a bit extreme? You know what, I'm done, I'm done.

So, if it wasn't apparent, I don't like Make Up...at all, especially in comparison to Locked Away. It's annoying, elementary, gross, and less emotional for a mixed relationship. I'm sorry, but this is a 0/5. It's like Love the Way You Lie if Eminem didn't pour any emotion in it, and the relationship had no emotional value. This is WonkeyDude98, signing out.


I mean...the Call of Duty-reggae trap-infused beat's okay, and the hook sounds nice, even if I was right about the rest of the song.

BUT SERIOUSLY, why couldn't I rip on how terrible R. City are as behind-the-scenes writers? - WonkeyDude98

He wasn't talking about breaking her spine, you know. He meant to get a blow... you know what comes next.

Personally, I haven't heard this song. But you're painting this in a bad light than it might already be. - PhenomentalOne