RANKED!: Episode 3- iHeartRadio Year End 2015

ProPanda So I heart radio is a company that owns Radio Stations across the country. They a top 20 chart that is released every week. At the end of the year, they rank the 100 most played songs on their pop radio stations in a countdown. I am here to rank those 100 songs, because I have nothing better to do with my life right now.

AND ONE MORE THING: #62 is Talk Dirty by Jason Derulo, which wasn't on the top 20 chart all year, so I'm replacing it with Derulo's own Cheyenne (~#18 peak)

100. Marvin Gaye: Obnoxious and white to the point of insanity
99. She's Kinda Hot: 5SOS at their cringiest
98. Cool For The Summer: Annoying, Overplayed and tries way to hard to be edgy
97. Bad Blood: Overproduced, obnoxious, drags Kendrick down
96. Shake It Off: Irritating to the max
95. Exs And Ohs: This person has made ONE GOOD SONG in her entire career
94. Fight Song: Does this even come close to being considered a song?
93. Worth It: Terrible Lyrics, Annoying sax, No vocal talent whatsoever
92. Want To Want Me: I wish I could call this the worst off the album
91. Hey Mama: Used to like this, then it shrunk on me, now I hate it
90. All About That Bass: Still terrible
89. Watch Me: They played this on the radio enough for it to land a spot?
88. I Need Your Love: It's follow up, Only Love was good, but this really proves Shaggy of all people managed to get a new worst song.
87. Sugar: Maroon the 5 at Rock Bottom!
86. Jealous: Not really Nick
85. Levels: Hello again Jonas
84. Love Me Like You Do: Nah to the ah to the No No No!
83. Earned It: If earning an Awful song counts then yes, you have "earned it".
82. Thinking Out Loud: Overplay has ruined this so much....
81. Honey I'm Good: So white.....
80. Focus: Why does this even exist? Who approve of this to be released?
79. Perfect: Much on the contrary
78. Post To Be: This is definitely not what a song post to be
77. Lips Are Movin: You know
76. Drag Me Down: RiverClanRocks summed this up better than anyone. 1D, back and worse than ever
75. On My Mind: Hands down, most obnoxious song since Shake It Off. Only difference is that Ellie uses some of her talent, unlike Taylor
74. Hide Away: Good beat, nice vocals, but these lyrics
73. Hotline Bling: I love the video
72. Somebody: #onehitwonder
71. Cheerleader: The beat is good
70. Talking Body: The lyrics are not
69. The Night Is Still Young: This is trying way too hard to be Super Bass or Starships
68. Bang Bang: Why did stick around so long
67. This Summer: I get comedy from this
66. Sorry: Meh
65. Night Changes: Meh
64. Ghost: Overrated, but tolerable
63. Budapest: Per Ghost
62. What Do You Mean: Tolerable at best tbh
61. Love Me Harder: I don't hate this as much as I used to
60. Blame: Same old Calvin Harris
59. Outside: Per Blame
58. How Deep Is Your Love: Again
57. I'm Not The Only One: I keep changing my mind on this.
56. Can't Feel My Face: Meh
GOOD (over 1/2 the list)
55. Time Of Our Lives: A fun, Pitbull song
54. Lay It All On Me: Far from either's best
53. Stitches: #noshame
52. Here: This reminds me of myself
51. Same Old Love: I'm surprised this cracked the top 50 on this list, I was expecting it, but lower
50. Uma Thurman: Guilty Pleasures
49. Heartbeat Song: Up Up Up Up All Night Long
48. Bright: I honestly prefer Cool Kids, but this album was awesome anyways
47. Hello: Adele
46. Rude: Nostalgia points
45. Stay With Me: Per Rude
44. Where Are You Now: One of the two good songs on that album
43.Fourfiveseconds: Thank god money didn't chart
42. Good For You: Sweet
41. Beautiful Now: And this is the worst song off the album
40. Latch: Sam Smith at his best (bar LaLaLa and Omen)
39. Beg For It: I like an Iggy Azalea song. So what?
38. Trap Queen: 1738!
37. Love Myself: I like this alot. IDK why
36. Trumpets: Per Love Myself
35. Lay Me Down: This is very beautiful
34. Ghost Town: Nice change for the guy
33. Heroes (We Could Be): This used to be my jam. It's still good though
32. GDFR: #noshame
31. Blank Space: #noshame
30. Style: #noshame
29. Wildest Dreams: #noshame
28. Uptown Funk: Never to be played by me again
27. Shut Up And Dance: Again
26. Take Me To Church: And again
25. Habits: And again
24. Like I'm Gonna Lose You: Nice song
23. Confident: Fight Song done right
22. Don't: Ed Sheeran
21. Photograph: Ed Sheeran
20. Waves: Very somber
19. The Hills: Nice atmosphere
18. You Know You Like It: DJ Snake
17. Am I Wrong: Love this still
16. Renegades: Best sleeper hit ever.
15. Animals: Maroon 5
14. Riptide: Actually this is the best sleeper hit ever
13. I Don't Mind: Usher
12. Prayer In C: The EDM version of The Hills
11. One Last Time: I like this more than I should
10. Chains: Nick Jonas made a good song shoot me
9. Cheyenne: Jason Derulo in the great tier twice......
8. Rather Be: This is just amazing
7. Elastic Heart: Sia
6. Downtown: Macklemore
5. I Want You To Know: This masterpiece of a dance-pop song isn't even the best by either artist
4. See You Again: Very nostalgic
3. Lean On: Stuff actually topped this
2. In The Night: Lyrically, Vocally, Atmospherically, This is perfect in every way.
1. The Heart Wants What It Wants: Majestic ,musical form
FINAL SCORE: 385/500= 77/100Wow.


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