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241 Crushed - Parkway Drive Crushed - Parkway Drive
242 Our Legacy - While She Sleeps
243 Dance Like We're Making Love - Ciara Dance Like We're Making Love - Ciara

Geez, sounds so beautiful and heart felt - D0gLover970

Romantic likeable song --- and her voice is angelic. - madoog

244 Rock or Bust - AC/DC Rock or Bust - AC/DC

Explain to me how AC/DC (A legendary band that saved rock during the 80's) is lower than One Direction (an all looks no talent band who has accomplished nothing whatsoever)

Rock or Bust really reminds me of the song Highway to Hell. It starts out with a killer riff, then the bass and drums kick in and their all followed by amazing vocals. AC/DC ROCKS!

AC/DC always maintain their class!

AC-DC rock forever!

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245 How Much a Dollar Cost - Kendrick Lamar How Much a Dollar Cost - Kendrick Lamar

Like many have said, Barack Obama called this his favourite song of 2015. He has good tastes. Thanks Obama

Damn, maybe not as successfully commercially but so meaningful - KapiteinKaas

This was Obama's favorite song of 2015. While I don't exactly think that, it is pretty close. - WonkeyDude98

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246 Killpop - Slipknot Killpop - Slipknot

Yeah Someone please kill the stupid Pop songs

Kill"Pop" for sure. Anyway this song is badass.

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247 Lazarus - David Bowie Lazarus - David Bowie

A spectacular song from start to finish. Strong lyrics, strong jazz influence, a clear source of inspiration. R.I.P a true legend 1947-2016

Why is this not higher? Seriously? It's so emotional, and real, and deep.

I think it's not higher because it was released in 2016. But honestly yes this song is fantastic. - paganomd

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248 I'm So Sorry - Imagine Dragons I'm So Sorry - Imagine Dragons

As hard as I went off on Smoke + Mirrors, this is utterly fantastic. Dan's howls of remorse are incredibly emotional and those backing vocals are what dreams are made of. But the instrumentation wins it over. That fuzz-covered vicious crunch on the chorus atop the guitars is awesome and works in the arenas they are trying to tend to. - WonkeyDude98

Best song ever I I love when Dan Reynolds screams

In this song, he is confused about what he should believe in, and I think that this song really displays that quite well.

Lovin this song!

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249 Darker Than Blood - Steve Aoki & Linkin Park Darker Than Blood - Steve Aoki & Linkin Park

Steve, Mike, and Chester are a force to be reckoned with. While Light That Never Comes went for more of Linkin Park's style combined with Steve's awesome attempt at heavy dubstep production, this one goes for Steve's usual style. This is the perfect song to define the Neon Future

This song is a masterpiece. Great collaboration - madoog

! this song is VERY good! I do't blame people for #174 because they have'nt heard it.. please people, listen to this song! its AMAZING!

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250 The Red and the Black - Iron Maiden The Red and the Black - Iron Maiden

I'm surprised that the metal loving site has yet to add a song from the Book of Souls. This is my favorite from the album. It's a lot like Rime of the Ancient Mariner, but better. - Songsta41

298? Please. This song is WAY better than most of the bullcrap on this list, in my honest opinion. It should be at least somewhere in the top 100.

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251 Stardust - Armin Van Buuren and Jean Michel Jarre
252 Firestone - Kygo Firestone - Kygo

As hard as I went off on Cloud Nine, I actually think that I downplayed just how much I don't care about it. But this is one of the better songs. - WonkeyDude98

Kygo shines a different light into EDM with this song. Conrad's vocals on this are full of emotion and the rhythm and melodies are perfect. Glad that tropical house is getting some attention.

by the way, even though this song was produced earlier, it caught much of its attention in 2015.

Kygo has some dope songs! Love it & love him

The melody had me hooked.

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253 Devil - Super Junior Devil - Super Junior

Come on elf s lets vote super junior the last man standing

I love this song very much, the teasers, the lyrics, the music, the dance and the mv. Everything about this song really says that it deserves all the international and national awards it has won so far. Please if you don't know it, go on YouTube and listen to it before you vote and I am quite sure you will be amazed. Thanks.

Let's talk more about the catchy music and the easy Korean lyrics which will make you a non-Korean person sing along with it, the easy steps of dance and the members voices.. DEVIL was the main song as for the special Album for the 10th anniversary of super junior and this special album contain 10 songs included devil, and the other songs was written for ELFs with a lot of SJ feelings of love..

Devil is the best album it is written with their love to their fan

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254 Be Real - Kid Ink Be Real - Kid Ink V 3 Comments
255 American Oxygen - Rihanna American Oxygen - Rihanna V 5 Comments
256 Easy Love - Sigala

Don't get why this is here it is way better than "189"

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257 El Perdón - Nicky Jam & Enrique Iglesias

Nice song. Just listen to it & you'll love it.

258 Gold Steps - Neck Deep Gold Steps - Neck Deep
259 Fire N Gold - Bea Miller Fire N Gold - Bea Miller

I first heard this on the Wal-Mart radio.

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260 Johnny Delusional - FFS Johnny Delusional - FFS
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