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441 Day of the Dead - Hollywood Undead Day of the Dead - Hollywood Undead V 4 Comments
442 512 - Lamb of God 512 - Lamb of God

Best album of the year.

443 History - One Direction History - One Direction

Such a good song. Niall should be the star of the band not Harry. Sorry, Harry fans. Really the hair.

History should be at number one! This song is so catchy and it makes you just feel happy!

354? Wow. Should be #1. Just saying. Okay! If you are a directioner, vote this song to number 1! Rally together to appriciate our boys!

V 7 Comments
444 Lamborghini - Ksi Lamborghini - Ksi

This song is pretty catchy and I think it deserves to be higher than #604
KSI is also not bad at rapping

V 1 Comment
445 Marks to Prove It - The Maccabees Marks to Prove It - The Maccabees

Chronically underrated

446 Yeki Hast - Morteza Pashaei Yeki Hast - Morteza Pashaei V 3 Comments
447 Love Me - The 1975 Love Me - The 1975

These guys are so underrated yet are my favorite band of all time. Love everything about them and I love this song. Yes Matty, I want to love you.

448 Sorry Not Sorry - Bryson Tiller Sorry Not Sorry - Bryson Tiller

What a breath of fresh air after all that Justin Bieber Sorry nonsense that is still going on! - SelfDestruct

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449 Endless Forms Most Beautiful - Nightwish Endless Forms Most Beautiful - Nightwish

My favorite song released from the year! Nightwish still continues making good music!

450 Footprints - Lamb of God Footprints - Lamb of God

Religious songs are never really good; they just say it is because its godly - DubstepLover

451 He is - Ghost He is - Ghost

Great Song! Ghost cool new band, check them out!

452 No Longer Slaves - Bethel Music No Longer Slaves - Bethel Music V 1 Comment
453 Goodbye - Feder Goodbye - Feder
454 Big Rings - Drake & Future Big Rings - Drake & Future
455 More Than You'll Ever Know - Nathan Sykes More Than You'll Ever Know - Nathan Sykes V 2 Comments
456 We Are the Champion - Queen We Are the Champion - Queen

Haha it's not the best Queen song but it still is better than all this new crap

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457 Monster - Imagine Dragons Monster - Imagine Dragons

I love this song it reminds me of the Harry Potter series, particularly of Severus Snape.

2013...? But Smoke+Mirrors Deluxe released in 2015, so I guess it counts. - WonkeyDude98

458 Suicide Society - Annihilator Suicide Society - Annihilator
459 Exchange - Bryson Tiller Exchange - Bryson Tiller V 1 Comment
460 Lush Life - Zara Larsson Lush Life - Zara Larsson

I love this song. I hear it allot and it is my favorite song. - birdechosplash

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