Top Ten Things That Should Happen to TheTopTens In 2015


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1 Being able to make longer remixes

The only list for which I could probably make use of this would be Best Songs of All Time. There are a number for which I feel guilty for leaving out. But it would be cool having this feature yo hand. - PositronWildhawk

Please make this happen Admin! I was thinking about this the other day. - RalphBob

I agree. You should have 20 items on a remix - EpicJake

There are now honorable mentions!

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2 Showing the amount of votes on a list

I think you can do that by going into your lists on stats and factoring out the amount of votes from the total list score, but it's tough. - Songsta41

I want to see how close I am to the 100 votes. I've only got 2 lists to reach that achievement. - gemcloben

It will give me higher self esteem that way. - AnonymousChick

I have a lot of lists. So I'm getting there. - EpicJake

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3 The list of most overrated users gets removed

I disagree. The list wasn't attacking the users. But it got removed anyway - EpicJake

Yeah this one is mean and stupid - Batmaniscole

I'd like to see this back, and know how I'll be ranked in that list.

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4 Add more dishonorable mentions to remixes

We need at least 5 dishonorable mentions.

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5 A way to take your vote back

I can't tell you HOW many times I've hit the "vote" button on accident! - Minecraftcrazy530

Plus, you could vote, comment, then take your vote back! That way we can comment without disturbing the rankings too. - keycha1n

I want this! I accidentally voted something I didn't want to vote when I did that I was like "Oh no! How do I get my vote back? ;

I wish that I could comment without voting!

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6 Gets more popular

I wouldn't like that. I like how this website is sorta private. - Minecraftcrazy530

I don't want this site to be flooded with idiots and trolls!

I like it how it is u have to find it on your own just like all the users have - MrQuaz680

A very underrated site

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7 TheTopTens forum gets revived

What is this? I haven't been here for long - gemcloben

I'd love this feature, but I honestly don't think it would work. - PetSounds

There was a forum? That would be disastrous. - Merilille

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8 TheTopTens creates a way to give your opinion on the site
9 Delete all the "date" nonsense
10 TheTopTens Mobile App

This is awesome idea, If TheTopTens released for the iOS and Android, TheTopTens should be more popular. - 05yusuf09

If TheTopTens had an app on android and iOS, life would be so much better. - ryanrimmel

The apple app to - RockStarr

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11 Revive chatroom

Yeah we need a chatroom - EpicJake

Getting this back on TheTopTens would be great for all users!
I'm sure this would be way better than messaging, which takes much more time and is harder to communicate with. - UltimateHybridX

12 Delete the "Music Artists You Would Like To Perform in the 2012 Olympics" list

Um, they ain't going to delete the list deal with it. Son. Don't spend your time focusing on a list that has a specific year on it and that people are still voting.

Why are people still voting?! London 2012 ended. - Jake09

Ike I mean it 2015 people we have no time machines sheesh - Batmaniscole

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14 Less extensive hatred on Justin Bieber

Of course I hate him but I think the people are taking the joke too far - BigBrotherSucks

I doubt this. He has left a mark in the history of music, and he'd likely pay the price for that.

Ya we all hate beiber but take him as if he were a nasty disease - MrQuaz680

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15 Easier comments
16 Hezarioseth and dreamformusic return to TheTopTens
17 The ability to customize your profile page more

We should be able to customize the background on our profile pages like on YouTube. (before they stupidly took away that feature) - SuperMarioGamer

Refer to my list of Suggestions To Improve Our Profile Pages On TheTopTens. - PositronWildhawk

I'd like to customize how it looks like! Lol

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18 X-japan gets less popular until rock legends take over

Nah, X-Japan isn't too overrated on this site.

19 Add reply for guests

We can't reply anymore because some guests abused it by hating on other people's opinions on Frozen lists. So we can't do this anymore thanks to the girl who keeps replying in ALL CAPS! - MeaganSaysHI

Why can't we rely anymore?

Re add replying

I'm a guest and I do wish they had this. They should block hate replies then. I can't get a TopTens account because they take an absolutely long time to verify my email.

20 Make blog post comments be updated quicker
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1. Being able to make longer remixes
2. Showing the amount of votes on a list
3. Add more dishonorable mentions to remixes
1. TheTopTens Mobile App
2. Showing the amount of votes on a list
3. Add more dishonorable mentions to remixes
1. Being able to make longer remixes
2. Showing the amount of votes on a list
3. TheTopTens forum gets revived

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