Top Ten Things That Should Happen to TheTopTens In 2015


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21 Improve the "user ranking system"

In terms of what? The definition is vague.

22 Chat headset communication

This would quite a great feature and a better way to communicate - flamingsoul

23 Fix new account glitches

We're not aware of any glitches related to the creation of new accounts. If anyone has an example of the happening, we'll be happy to look into it. - admin

I've seen a number of accounts by new members which stop working for them somehow, forcing them to make second ones. This has to stop. - PositronWildhawk

24 Adopt an age restriction

It's gonna be hard because there are like 400 of these users this age. - FasterThanSonic

Like what? We can't be on if we are five? - AnonymousChick

The day when all the stupid 10-13 year olds on my this site disappear will be a blessing.

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25 An easier way to view your most disliked comments on your profile page.
26 Honorable mentions are added to remixes
27 Thetoptens internet series
28 Take more serious action against users

No, the policy has its flaws, and its fatal flaws could backfire on us.

29 Add blog post navigation links
30 Make a YouTube account

No please,not YouTube...that site has been brought to ruin by corrosive adventure time "fans"!

31 Add member search

Life would be easier with this - kaitlynrad11

32 Be more aware of repeat lists
33 Add a "last seen" to a profile

Or, on someone's profile you could have the last ten people to video it this page were, - RockStarr

34 Provide instructions, guidelines, procedural info for new users

For instance, the "Accomplishments" on profiles - I've added many more comments etc than I seem to get credit for. Not that it's important to me but since the scale and rank appears it should be a fairly accurate reflection - Billyv

35 Have a search function to see if a name or title appears somewhere on long lists

We often want to add to a list or vote for a particular name/ title on a list that has hundreds of entries yet apparently have to carefully scroll through the entire list without missing any - Billyv

36 More Big Brother Lists
37 All Total Drama Fans Leave

Dream come true right here - BigBrotherYESTotalDramaNO

I don't know what it is but Turkeyasylum is a fan and we are not seeing him leave. - AnonymousChick

38 All the Bad Ideas On the SpongeBob Season 10 List and TheTopTens TV List Get Removed
39 Add profile nick names that show when you have a comment
40 Make it so someone can not troll a list

Isn't someone supposed to be moderating comments here? - AnonymousChick

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3. Add more dishonorable mentions to remixes
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