Top Ten Things That Should Not Happen to Television In 2015


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1 WWE Keeps Running And People Think It's Real

What stupidity, WWE is not real partner

Stop it WWE is awesome people love to watch it. Although the characters suck now, there is still young Tamar t - MrGus

2 Total Drama Gets Renewed For 10 More Seasons

Seriously, change all the characters and put new bastards to rechange again? I love the 3 first seasons the 4 isn't so bad and the last two are ridicolouss

Total Drama is amazing. It deserves mkre respect than people give it. - Turkeyasylum

People who like this need to watch real shows. - BigBrotherYESTotalDramaNO

3 Big Brother Ends

Because it's the best show ever and all sane people watch it. - BigBrotherYESTotalDramaNO

This is my dream this isn't bad IT'S REALLY GOOD, Why is #1?

I love Big Brother. I don't care if you don't like it but is it really your "dream" to have a reality show with a cult following cancelled? If so, that is pathetic. - TheEvilNuggetCookie

4 Amazing Race Gets Renewed
5 Survivor Ends

This would be awful, actually. - Turkeyasylum

6 Family Guy Ends

At this point, it really has to end.

7 Big Brother Gets Renewed
8 Total Drama Spinoff Show V 1 Comment
9 Pretty Little Liars Gets Worse Pretty Little Liars Gets Worse
10 Breadwinners Gets Cancelled

Wrong list who ever put this here. You want this to stay? Gross. - Thatgirl

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11 Arthur Ends

Yes! arthur really needs to die!

12 Sanjay and Craig Gets Renewed
13 SpongeBob Gets Canceled
14 The Simpsons Get Cancelled
15 Teen Wolf Gets Cancelled V 1 Comment
16 Paw Patrol Gets A New Season V 3 Comments
17 The Bachelor Gets Renewed
18 Breadwinners Gets Renewed for Another Season

Someone put the opposite thing of this on the list.

19 Eye Candy Gets Cancelled After One Season

I hate that crap show

20 Disney Becomes Recommended for All Kids

No, not a good Idea, Disney Channel is filled with steriotypes and rude sarcasm.

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1. Pretty Little Liars Gets Worse
2. Robot Chicken Keeps Running
3. Teen Wolf Gets Cancelled
1. Big Brother Gets Renewed
2. WWE Keeps Running And People Think It's Real
3. Survivor Ends
1. SpongeBob Gets Canceled
2. Arthur Ends
3. The Simpsons Get Cancelled

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