2015: The Underdogs

As 2015 came to an end, we will have a look back at some artists who have made quality

To start things off, we will take a look at the indie folk genre with Sufjan Stevens. One of the greatest singers of 2015, Stevens' album, Carrie and Lowell (2015), was one of my favourite albums of the year, if not my favourite. Every song is directed towards those close to him and how they affected his life. For starters, Carrie and Lowell is an instrumental album marked as one of the greatest albums of the year. The name and album cover depicts his mother and stepdad and their influence on him. While Stevens' mother was in the ER, Stevens used that experience and wrote a whole album.

One song in particular stood out from the rest: Fourth of July. I wrote a post on it earlier; you can read it here. Each verse from the song acts as a conversation, as Carrie and Sufjan were going through the difficulties of Carrie's death. It's a clever, yet sombre communication between the two and shows a strong connection Stevens had with his mother, growing up.

The next and final underdog of 2015 is Oh Hiroshima. The post-rock band is best known for their 2015 album, In Silence We Yearn. In Silence We Yearn is a rather instrumental album with some subtle yet angelically fitting vocals to accompany it. One song that I enjoyed from the album is "Ellipse" which was the first song of the album. Its heavy electric guitar ostinato pattern is accompanied well by the fine vocals that smooths in with the vocals.

While the vocals are minute, they chaperone the main ostinato pattern well. There is a build to the climax which follows an abrupt pause. The song ends on a ritenuto.