Top Ten Worst Cities to Live In of 2015


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1 Detroit, Michigan, USA

I went to Detroit 7 times I don't want to go again since I heard there was high crime rates and bankruptcy. This is a bad city, don't live or even visit here. - Connor360

I live in Pittsburgh, I went to Detroit for one weekend... My car window got smashed and they took all the money out of it. - ryanrimmel

I've heard many bad things about Detroit. Lots of crime, robbery, & danger. Not visiting there anytime soon. - ruJILLous

Of course is not a good city to live in... Who wants to be Eminem's neighbor?

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2 P'Yongyang, North Korea

By far the worst city to live in... Period! Well really, one should aim to not live in the country at all... - keycha1n

North Korea is a very dangerous country. I don't think any city there is good to live in. - ruJILLous

3 Shanghai, China
4 Johannesburg, South Africa
5 Washington, D.C., USA
6 Vatican City

Not funny. I'm a Catholic and I'm proud of it. Remove this offensive item off this list. - Turkeyasylum

I can't believe they don't have religious rights it's wrong to criticise ones religion - John2001

A city without women and only with catholic men in the government and all highest positions, how do you call that?
Vatican City is definitively not a democracy.

Ha ha ha this is funny from some reason

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7 Moscow, Russia

The BEST city ever! Full of energy and love. Very safe and beautiful!

This should be number one my friends... too crowded city, full of bad people who want to rob you. Ugh

I used to live there for many years. Yes, Moscow is beautiful someplaces, yet it is way too overcrowded, stressful, hasty, and you can encounter a lot of boorishness from people there. Glad I'm not there anymore.

8 Oakland, California
9 Cairo, Egypt Cairo, Egypt

It's a living hell.

10 Toronto, Ontario, Canada Toronto, Ontario, Canada Toronto is the capital of the Canadian province of Ontario. It is located within the Golden Horseshoe in Southern Ontario on the northern shore of Lake Ontario.

Canada shouldn't be in the "worst" list of anything! Seriously! Some of the loveliest, friendliest, kindest people come from Canada and I'm pretty sure that's what makes Canada such a great country. - Britgirl

I've been to Los Angeles, Berlin, New York, Prague, and other great cities around the world. Lemme tell ya, I'll take Toronto over any of them. It's safer, cleaner, and friendlier. - PetSounds

I live here and there is nothing wrong in here. - SelfDestruct

Toronto is a beautiful city! Why is it on here? - MostTalented_BoyX

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11 Denver, Colorado
12 Lubbock, Texas

I was born here... - AnonymousChick

13 Lincoln, Nebraska
14 Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
15 Palermo, Italy
16 San Diego, California, USA

It is an absolute hellhole here, whatever you do, DO NOT move here!

Well, I happened to move from here 9 years ago. - ruJILLous

17 Red Oak, Texas

AKA: the ass of Texas.

18 Buffalo, New York
19 Chapala, Jalisco, Mexico
20 Rome, Italy
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1. Detroit, Michigan, USA
2. Shanghai, China
3. P'Yongyang, North Korea
1. P'Yongyang, North Korea
2. Detroit, Michigan, USA
3. Cairo, Egypt
1. Oakland, California
2. Denver, Colorado
3. Lubbock, Texas

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