Dear Future Husband - Meghan Trainor


I feel like trying something new to rate a song by criteria. Hope it works:

Lyrics: 0/5. Easily the worst part of this song. These lines are essentially detailing a very unrealistic, unfair, and terrible relationship. A list of demands that no one in their right mind will fulfill (maybe minus the flowers part, but that's it).
Vocals: 1/5. Trainor has range and vocal potential, but she brought neither to the table. Just more terrible white girl rapping. At least it's not off key, so I gave it a point.
Music composition: 0/5. Nothing here, save for your typical generic beat and annoying piano. I swear, I used to think of pianos as an elegant instrument that made some songs masterpieces, but now, it's a terrible excuse for artistic integrity. Thanks for ruining it for me.
Creativity: 0/5. Need I really say anymore?
Verdict: 1/20 (Accursed). This is easily Meghan Trainor's second worst song, behind Me Too. She doesn't have a clue about how relationships work, her ...more - MKBeast

Such a feminist song. Talking about requirements she must have in her husband. That is what an 8 year old does. The video is even worse. She is an ungrateful piece of cancer. I shouldn't say that. That is an insult to cancer. Her other songs make me cringe so hard. This one is the worst because of the spread it is going to cause for women in this generation.

The lyrics of this song are the epitome of cringe. There's a lot of pretentiousness, like "Even if I was wrong, even though I'm never wrong, why disagree? " or "You gotta know how to treat me like a lady, even when I'm acting crazy". Phew, I could say so much about the lyrics. This song also has one of the lamest key changes in pop history. - LoveMusicLoveLife

Awful! Just awful! One of the worst songs I have ever heard. Someone please why this idiot who cannot sing at all have a career with 4 songs already. All about that bass is worse but that came out last year. That being said there is no song released in 2015, that is more annoying and unbareable to listen to than this piece of crap.

With songs like this, Meghan Trainor is coming off as insanely sexist. Oh, and I have to listen to more of this fake doo-wop . I am glad this is in the Top 10 songs of this list because it definitely deserves to be torn apart into millions of tiny pieces that makes even ants look like giants.

She has three songs now? All About That Base has a good message in the song, apart from all the skinny women crap, but the Lips Are Movin one sucked. She has a third song? Joy... - Turkeyasylum

All About That Bass shames skinny women who are comfortable with being skinny. Doesn't sound like a very good message to me. - TheLivingNarwhal

However, she does say every inch of people is perfect, despite all the skinny women crap. - Turkeyasylum

This is for whoever Meghan's future husband is: Run. Run as far away from this terrible woman as you can. If a girl is asking you to never argue with them even when they're wrong, there is something deeply wrong with them. No relationship is worth these insane demands. - Zach808

This song is horrifying. The lyrics and message are reprehensible, and what Meghan Trainor demands of the guy is insane. Whoever's about to be in a relationship with Meghan Trainor, bail immediately. Run as far away as possible.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you...a M train single I don't like. Yeah, I'm serious. In No, and Me Too, you could either interpret the lyrics as satire or you could change them and the songs would be good. This song's concept is stupid and this is probably her worst song. She basically demands that her husband would be all of the things she wants her to be. "And no, we'll never see your family more than mine" is also a crap lyric. - DCfnaf

I blame this atrocity made by an obnoxious hypocrite for turning one of my best friends into a stupid, friendless, annoying, sociopathic, violent, hostile, dumb, and overall pathetic feminizzi. Every single lyric just makes me so ANGRY, so ticked off. I actually thought All About That Base was, well... survivable. Then this came out, and I what little sympathy I had left for Meghan.

Stupid Man: Marries a woman or Meghan who thinks the lyrics of this song are perfectly fine, and follow them.

Wise Man: Runs away so fast they look like they are trying to outrun a Concord Jet at full speed.

I don't get all the hate for this song, seriously. There are much worse things that have made it on to radio this year. "All About That Bass" was wretched, but I don't mind this one or "Lips Are Movin'". - ChrisInMI80

I'm already starting to feel sorry for this future husband after listening to this song. I can't believe I actually liked this at one point, but thankfully I lost interest in Meghan. - Swellow

Who would want to be her wife? The guys who were dumped by her because they were "too old" and by too old I mean my not acting like their six must be the luckiest people on earth and the guy who got the girl is problem, no, not problem, he is in hell on earth.

Look, it's messed for a man to tell a woman what she can and can't do. BUT it's just as messed up for a woman to tell a man what he can and can't do. That's not equality, that's sexiest! - Only_Octi

This is a song? It's more like Meghan talking about her dream guy in what she calls a song instead of doing it in her diary...

A sexist romp with too much bubble-gum pop hiding not only Meghan's lack of talent but also her blatant hatred of everyone that isn't like her.

Horrible trash. First it was the body shaming, now it's acting like a ten year old girl, trying to be innocent.

I don't even know what to say about this woman anymore. The best way I can think of to sum her up is that she makes Iggy Azalea's career look like a masterpiece.

This is abysmal. Meghan Trainor raps about being the worst wife ever while listing demands over a doo-wop beat that could have been recycled in the 60's.

With all about the bass, she used to sound original, but it became not so original anymore starting with this song. Please change your style! Please! - Sammmm

She should have gave up after her first awful song (all about that bass) - gemcloben

She just sounds controlling. She basically says if there's a fight, the man should apologize, even if she's wrong. Great message for the kids, Meg.

Meghan Trainor just takes girl power too far and this is proof. - Puga

Destroy this torture weapon immediately, world. - PositronWildhawk