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221 Air - Shawn Mendes Air - Shawn Mendes
222 This is What It Takes - Shawn Mendes This is What It Takes - Shawn Mendes
223 So Cold - Toby Fox V 2 Comments
224 I'll Show You - Justin Bieber I'll Show You - Justin Bieber

I didn't think the other singles from Bieber's album were that bad, but this one is awful. This one sounds like he's whining to his audience.

I agree 100% His new album was actually pretty decent (no I doesn't mean I'm a fan of Justin) but this one just sounds like he's complaining and whining about his pointless problems. - LJJ207

The one about this in particular being horrible was very accurate. The one about the best artist in the world not being able to save a Bieber song...get a life. Just plain get a life. - WonkeyDude98

None of Justin's songs will ever be good, even if the best singer on Earth did a cover of one of his songs I still wouldn't like it because the song has
been already ruined by him

V 1 Comment
225 Come Get Her - Rae Sremmurd Come Get Her - Rae Sremmurd
226 This Could Be Us - Rae Sremmurd This Could Be Us - Rae Sremmurd V 1 Comment
227 Yno - Rae Sremmurd Yno - Rae Sremmurd
228 Safe Sex Pay Checks - Rae Sremmurd Safe Sex Pay Checks - Rae Sremmurd

You know an album is terrible when a song with this title and has as good vocals as Hit the Quan is the best song on it. - WonkeyDude98

229 Untouchable - Pusha T Untouchable - Pusha T

I won't be surprised if he gets arrested by the police for making this failed message attempt. - SelfDestruct

230 Flesh Without Blood - Grimes Flesh Without Blood - Grimes

She sounds like a stupid anime character

231 Awesome - Black Eyed Peas

Even worse than Boom Boom Pow and My Humps. Thank god Fergie wasn't in this one, because I don't want more hate for her. - Swellow

This song is DEFINITELY not awesome. - NikBrusk

This isn't as bad as My Humps or BoomBoomPow, but honestly it's not by much. It's vain and dull. - WonkeyDude98

232 Peanut Butter Jelly - T.I. Peanut Butter Jelly - T.I.

Thought Galantis's song with the same title was bad? It wasn't! It actually has lyrics, whereas here T.I.'s just repeating "PEANUT BUTTER JELLY NO DELI". - Swellow

233 Girl Crush - Little Big Town Girl Crush - Little Big Town

I don't like this because its genre is country and I like country and I can't believe it won two Grammy s.

V 1 Comment
234 Check - Meek Mill Check - Meek Mill
235 Planez - Jeremih Planez - Jeremih

I'm in the same boat with this as TheDoubleAgent. It makes no sense, is somehow the least interesting of Jeremih's oddly creepy songs which makes it the most appalling, the production is brooding (A PIANO IN A SONG ABOUT GETTING IT ON ON A PLANE), and...somehow J. Cole out-terribled Jeremih. - WonkeyDude98

236 Anthem - Thomas Rhett Anthem - Thomas Rhett

I'm putting the whole album that I can remember on. - WonkeyDude98

237 Vacation - Thomas Rhett Vacation - Thomas Rhett

The opening guitar snarl was so promising, then they squandered it with a Migos ripoff. - WonkeyDude98

238 I Feel Good - Thomas Rhett I Feel Good - Thomas Rhett

Why, LunchMoney Lewis, why involve yourself with this twit...? Far from the worst song on the album, but when you have an album with Vacation, Single Girl, Crash and Burn, T-Shirt, and South Side, you kind of have a lot of competition. - WonkeyDude98

239 T-Shirt - Thomas Rhett T-Shirt - Thomas Rhett

Ugh, this is disgusting. In every way. The framing is creepy, the writing is too detailed, and Thomas Rhett is infinitely punchable. "It's hard to unlock the door when making out" THIS DUDE RIGHT HERE. I don't know how people can hate Jacob Santorius' Sweatshirt when this abomination exists. Makes Crash and Burn look classy. - WonkeyDude98

240 Die a Happy Man - Thomas Rhett Die a Happy Man - Thomas Rhett

I want to like this so bad. But I just can't get past the fact that it blatantly stole from Ed Sheeran's Thinking Out Loud without giving credit. - WonkeyDude98

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