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141 Techno - Vinai Techno - Vinai

The most generic and worst song vinai have released, and that's saying a lot

This is just Ctrl C + Ctrl V INAI as always, but with much worst drop they would expected in the end and audacity to name it "Techno"!

142 Crazy - Shawn Mendes Crazy - Shawn Mendes
143 Kick the Dust Up - Luke Bryan Kick the Dust Up - Luke Bryan

This song is just incompetent in every single way. A melody that tries to be upbeat and catchy but sounds flat and boring, generic bro-country lyrics that somehow still stumble, a trap beat thrown in for no reason, and that horribly awkward chorus. This is bad even by bro-country standards. - Zach808

Running out of words to rhyme with "up", eh, Luke Bryan? Doesn't surprise me. You're a hackjob excuse for an artist. - WonkeyDude98

144 Fear - X Ambassadors Fear - X Ambassadors

Were the people involved even trying when they wrote this? This song just sounds like X Ambassadors and Imagine Dragons decided to mess around and troll their fans. - Zach808

This is the epitome of the phrase "musical scrap". This is coming from an Imagine Dragons fan. This should have been kept in the bin where it belonged. - WonkeyDude98

145 Lean and Dabb - ilovememphis Lean and Dabb - ilovememphis

Hit the Quan was already annoying, why did he make another? It's just as bad and it fails as a club song. - Swellow

Ghetto song by a ghetto rapper who needs to die, the ghetto way.

The bass sounds like a siren being drowned underwater, the synth is this grainy slither that kills any and all trap songs, and the song can't even bother to be interestingly bad like Hit the Quan, instead just being another cheap ripoff song like Watch Me, even stealing dance moves like the Quan (from Hit the Quan), the Whip (from Watch Me), and the Nae Nae (from Watch Me).

So it takes the generally awful qualities of Hit the Quan, worsens them, and marries them to the hackjob lyrics Watch Me had. I give this a 0/5. ILoveMemphis topped his own awfulness. 👍 - WonkeyDude98

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146 How Many Times - DJ Khaled How Many Times - DJ Khaled
147 Juicy Wiggle - Alvin and the Chipmunks Juicy Wiggle - Alvin and the Chipmunks

This is the most annoying song ever and Alvin and the chipmunks is the worst movie ever!

Welcome to the resistance from this rebooted franchise. We got cookies!

Lol Redfoo makes the worst music ever! I mean Party Rock Anthem was alright, but as of now, he's trying to be relevant again. Spoiler Alert: HE'S COMING OUT WITH ANOTHER ALBUM! It's called Party Rock Mansion :'(


148 D.G.I.F.U. - Chris Brown and Tyga

Welp, they decide to rip off Dr. Dre's flow from an older song. I'd swear; If Tyga or Chris Brown manage to sample Nuthin' But a G-Thang, there's going to be blood. - Swellow

If Eminem and Dre aren't suing for the stolen flow, then it'd be criminal. - WonkeyDude98

149 Get Ugly - Jason Derulo Get Ugly - Jason Derulo

That lyrical drop. Not just that too, the beat is lazy and redundant, and Jason is just an average vocalist. The lyrics are definitely something special but not a good special - ProPanda

Utter trash. The beat is nice (ish? ) But Jason Derulo is an even worse version of Chris Brown. I said it! At least he didn't hit Rihanna. I bet he will though lol. Now I'll get a bunch of teens up in my face like ' what? How dare you make fun of my husband jason dewulo! This is my absolute favorite song in the whole wide world and you ruined it for me. - Hater

Edit: After hearing Cheyenne, he is now about 10 times better than Chris Brown. I was basing it off of this, wiggle etc. He used to make good music - Hater

When I saw this wasn't on the list I had to place it there - Hater

I like this song. - madoog

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150 Me and My Girls - Selena Gomez Me and My Girls - Selena Gomez V 1 Comment
151 Madonna - Lupe Fiasco Madonna - Lupe Fiasco

This isn't even by Madonna. That's the name of the song.

Might as well just add his whole album in this list. - SelfDestruct

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152 Ashtrays and Heartbreaks - Snoop Lion Ashtrays and Heartbreaks - Snoop Lion

How the hell is THIS song on the list? It was released back in 2012, and wasn't a smash hit or anything. At least Stupid Hoe was so unbelievably terrible that no one would ever forget it, but this? I forgot it existed for the past 2 years at least.

153 Amiibo Rap - Hot Chocolate Party

These YouTubers can't rap!

154 Hotel Ceiling - Rixton Hotel Ceiling - Rixton

This song's really good

155 The Bean Boozled Challenge Song - The Skylander Boy and Girl

I quit collecting the things four games in.

156 Amiibo Song - Random Encounters

And suddenly, this song pops up on the list. Wow.

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157 Towards the Sun - Rihanna Towards the Sun - Rihanna V 2 Comments
158 King - Years & Years V 2 Comments
159 Psycho - Muse

I liked the riffs but I don't know about the lyrics. - ThePwoperMuser101

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160 Runaway (U & I) - Galantis Runaway (U & I) - Galantis

Wow, this sounds dreadful. The reverb-soaked drop sounds obnoxious and actually soiled the otherwise fantastic beat, and then the performer has pitch shifting done to death, to the point of sounding like a 3 year old trying to sing. - WonkeyDude98

You have a decent beat brought down by a reverb drop that sounds watery and high pitched, the singer sounds as if FRED was trying to sing with the maximum pitch, and the lyrics are just repetitive and lousy. Why this is higher than LMLYD I will never know. Get it higher. - Swellow

It's that bad, it's on the list twice!
Let's face it; Peanut Butter Jelly was bad, but at least it had a bit of a catchy tune. This? No thank you. It's sad to see a band that could have potential waste it all on things like this.

This song is so bad it was put on here twice.

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