Watch Me - Silento


Watch me is just the same thing over again, but at least crank that had decent music. Watch me is just Whip and Nae Nae over and over again. If I had asked users what a Nae is, a majority wouldn't know what a nae is. And what the heck is the point of song? To throw your fist out and than move back with your arm waving back? The only thing in this song that makes since is break yo legs. I don't know what Nae Nae means, I don't know what bop is, I also don't know what a stanky leg is either. To me a song with a dance and lyrics repeated with lyrics that don't make since would be a 2/10. I gave it a 2 because its like my fifth least favorite song. I actually did like this song A year earlier, than I realized it's a repeated stupid piece of junk song made by a trash singer. My classmates still love this song and I don't know why. It's complete trash but not as trash as my number one least favorite song, Baby by Justin Bieber of course. That whole thing was like an interview for the song, ...more - FerrariDude64

I think this songs is a bit overhated and awfil and this is what I have to say about this.
1. Silento is basically a Soulja Boi ripoff, he's a talentless hack who's irrelevant.
2. This is incredibly boring and lazy.
3. The beat is too dreary. Is this a fun disco songs or a disgusting lullaby?
4. He sounds like he's gonna sleep, making this the most boring song of 3 decades.
5. He's a clean version of Rae Sremmurd except that he is attracted to 5 year old girls instead of 25 year old strippers.
6. The chorus is the weakest chorus of the year apart from My X and Stimulated.
7. This is too repetitive, saying Watch Me over 30 times.
8. The songs is incredibly short like Power and in those minutes, he does nothing special.
9. He has no confidence and pretends to be fun while he's a sad lil man on the inside.
10. Even with autotune, he still sounds whiny.

Overall, what is this garbage. This isn't good at all. 0/5 - AlphaQ

Why are there amazing songs ahead of this? This is just "Now watch me whip, now watch me nae nae" (NAE NAE?! You cannot be serious) repeated many times. ANOTHER stupid song about some talentless hack who thinks he can dance.

This kid makes Soulja Boy look like Eminem. Seriously, this is the worst song I've heard all year. Completely unoriginal, rips off Soulja Boy, and just repeats the same crap over and over again while listing off different dances that I've mostly never heard of.

This has to be the worst. There is no rhyming just a rinse and repeat of "whip" and "nae-nae" I get that this is supposed to be a song where everyone can dance to but hearing it play over and over is just torture. You will get a headache just from listening to this song more than 3 times. It makes no damn sense how you can call this a song. "Silento" Change it to "Loud ignorant person that lacks a good vocabulary to make a decent dance song" - LegendaryDj23

The chorus of the song is just some guy saying "watch me, watch me" over and over again.

Is this rap? Really, is it? All the verses are of Silento repeating the same sentences over and over. No lyrical substance, the beat is whack and it should not have gotten as big as it did. It's sad too, unlike 2014, 2015 has actually been a great year for hip hop. There are much better songs that could have easily taken the place of Watch Me. - Lasvegasxavier

What an absolute piece of crap. To top it all off, he's currently atop the front page of YouTube (with someone who copied he whole dance below him) because of THIS VERY SONG.

How is this hip-hop!? He doesn't rap at all. Like that other person said he just repeats viral dance moves over and over again like he's trying to hypnotize you. It's not hip-hop or even music. It's a guy trying to get attention by telling people to watch him do a dance that literally everyone can do. Then he calls it a song.

This song makes me feel like I'm dying of cancer. SERIOUSLY, IT'S THAT HORRIBLE! The beat is inexistant, the lyrical content is poor as hell, it's so repetitive and this guy cannot even sing or rap (he uses AutoTune for proof). I just can't believe the video for this song had over a billion views. Later, the people who heard this song too much will catch the Silento disease, where they can only say the few words in the song and reproduce Silento's mediocre choreography. Screw this pile of trash that needs to be buried ASAP! - LoveMusicLoveLife

NO! We don't need the one hit wonder rap dance craze from 2007 to come back with even worse songs. Seriously, this is even worse than "Crank that", because at least Soulja Boy made his own dance rather than just listing every single dance craze from 2007 - 2008.

So in my class we have this playlist that we play when were doing art and stuff. We all request one song each, but this one, annoying chick put on this song. Whenever it comes on, the students in my class either join in with the dance moves or bang their head against the desk and scream "Why, cruel world, why?! " I personally do the latter.

Just when I thought 2015 couldn't get any worse for music then along comes this steaming pile of dung. My god, this marks the death of the music industry. There are no words to describe the hate I feel for this.

Listening to this song is like watching that one kid at the public pool who won't shut up. "Mom, watch me! Watch me dive! Watch me do a cannonball! Get off your phone, mom! Watch me! Watch me! Mom! " And you just wish they'd hurry up and smash their head on the bottom and drown already so that you won't have to watch them do anything anymore.

This song sucks, probably one of the worst songs of all time, though the worst song ever is hot problems. This song is worse than baby, and the second worst after hot problems.

My idiot friend likes this and played it for me (it couldn't get out of my head) and I thought "Why for fudge's sake am I living on this world".

It's so annoying. I can't stand it. EVERYONE at my school is always doing the whip nae nae, and I'm ready to explode. Help. - HyenaLover

OH MY GOD I HATE THIS "SONG" SO MUCH! (Sorry for caps.) This is by far the worst song of 2015. But for some reason, everyone at my school absolutely loves this garbage. It's literally just "Watch me whip watch me nae nae" over and over again. I don't want to whip, and what is a nae nae? I've heard this song about a bajillion times now and I'm sick of it. I hope 2016 will be a better year for music.

This is my least favorite song of all time! The lyrics are just looping non-sense and are repetitive! The only part I like about this song is the ending so it could SHUT UP! Why was this popular? Its like a parasite, its very difficult to get rid of! If this was our national anthem, I'll want to be an American no more!

My sister annoys me with this nonsense they call a song. This song was terrible, tolerating the music video was worst, I only survived 40 seconds of the music video. I would even consider Uptown Funk being better than this crap.

By default, Uptown Funk is better than Watch Me because Uptown Funk is inhumanly good. - WonkeyDude98

Probably the worst song I have ever heard it is a song from someone who can't sing... At all and it's extremely repetitive. It is a song made up of dance moves that silento didn't make. All he does is scream. I can see why it is on this list.

It is a dancing song that I could write in less than 30 seconds. No good lyrics, awful beat, unoriginal, and my least favorite song of all time. How did it come from legends like Sum 41 to this "Silento" crap? Today's music isn't music, it is just sound.

It's just like a little girl saying "Mommy, mommy, watch me do a cartwheel! " and recording herself saying that and putting it on the market.

I normally don't hate rap (as a matter of fact, I love it) or even modern mainstream rap (Young Thug is pretty dope) but this is without a doubt the worst song of the year. Marvin Gaye comes close though.

I can't believe this is so popular. What is wrong with music now? Is he trying to rip-off other artists too? Oh my god. - Seiran