Top Ten Worst Video Games of 2015


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41 Guitar Hero Live V 2 Comments
42 Rock 'N Racing Off Road
43 R.B.I. Baseball 15
44 Batman Arkham Knight

This game was great!

Who the hell think that this game is bad?

Batman Arkham Knight is the best game ever

Who Put This Here? , this Game Is A GOTY Contender - VideoGamefan5

V 7 Comments
45 Until Dawn


46 NBA 2K16

Oh hell to the nah nah nah nah, u just wanted to put that there, Godzilla is better than 2k get a hella out of here - Listard27

47 Star Wars: Uprising Star Wars: Uprising
48 Rugby World Cup 2015
49 Rocket League

Why is Rocket League on here?! This game is awesome!

50 Asphalt Nitro

Considering Asphalt 8 Airborne is still updating. This game is deemed useless. - SelfDestruct

51 Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 - PlayStation 4 Standard Edition V 1 Comment
52 Rodea the Sky Soldier
53 Disney Infinity 3.0

How Dare You People Put This On The List - masoncarr2244

54 Super Mario Maker

Why is this even on the list who ever put this her should go get a life!

The hell? This is my second favorite game of 2015!

Most Overrated Game Ever? Pfft... My Ass!

I LOVE THIS GAME... But it is a bit overrated

V 3 Comments
55 Yo-Kai Watch

I actually really enjoyed this game, minus the unfair Crank-A-Kai rules. However, everyone seems to just right it off as a Poke-clone. Even though they're both Creature Collection games, they're very different and interesting

56 Mario Party 10

Why Is this At The Bottom Of The List? , This Game Is Awful, One Of The Worst Games I Have Ever had To Put Me To Play - VideoGamefan5

Mario party 2 was best in my personal opinion. this was just dissapointing

57 Rise of the Tomb Raider
58 White Night
59 Splatoon

Those idiots who think Wii U games are for babies need to shut up and get a life.

This isn't for babies, so shut up you maniacs.

This game is amazing! My favorite game of 2015! Enjoy Call of Duty!

Splatoon is a good game!

V 5 Comments
60 NHL 16
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