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Bernard "Bernie" Sanders is an independent American Senator from Vermont and was a candidate for the Democratic nomination for President of the United States in the 2016 election.


Bernie Sanders is a man of the people, he is honest, respectful, and has integrity. He stands against money interests and is not beholden to any of them, not taking any Super PAC money, he only accepts money from the people making him only beholden to the people. He stands for equality and a return of the middle class. This will be the first time I have voted for someone that I believe in, instead of a lesser evil.

Sorry, I have to respectfully disagree with the person who says Hillary could be called a Republican. The fact remains that Republicans spend far more time criticizing Hillary than Bernie. Have you listened to any of the Republican debates? The ones they totally bash are Hillary and Obama, they hardly ever mention Bernie. The reason? Of course, they are trying to start a fight on the Democratic side similar to the free for all they have on their side. Either Bernie or Hillary would be better on their worst day than any of the Republicans on their best day. Those aren't my words, those are the words of--you guessed it--Bernie Sanders. My first choice is Hillary, but I would gladly support Bernie if he is the nominee. They are both good enough that we don't have to criticize one to promote the other. Neither one is the enemy, and they will eventually be campaigning together.

Some people are scared he will spend too much. They are wrong to be honest, and not looking at things logically. Many of the nation's top economists have endorsed the Bern because they consider his plan to be most beneficial to the American people. He does not want to give out free money to the lazy as some say. Senator Sanders has said that he wants every person who works hard for their country, even if it is only a job at a fast food chain, to have a high standard of living...this is not revolutionary, this is just logic.

He is not going to raise taxes on the poor and middle class as well, most likely. His plan calls for larger taxes if you make millions or more per year. The millionaires and billionaires will still be wealthy, but their tax money will go to pay for education and jobs.

About the free college thing: not a big deal. What had been going on in America since the beginning is that the poor stay poor. Much of this is due to not being able to pay for college, ...more

I'm not saying I wouldn't love the ideal, but "the free college thing: not a big deal"? You recognize the drastic change it would be, and it would also have a tremendous cost. Obviously, a President can't initiate such a program on his own, but where's the country's budget for it given the present national debt? - Billyv

Bernie Sanders is an honest person with a long, consistent record of doing what he truly thinks is best for the people. He wants to hold Wall Street accountable, raise taxes on the very wealthiest citizens, avoid unnecessary military action, fight against discrimination, end police brutality, protect the environment, reverse the Citizens United ruling, pass bipartisan gun control legislation that both decreases gun violence and is fair to responsible gun owners, end government surveillance, and so many other great things. I highly encourage everyone to at least look him up, if not vote for him in the Democratic primaries.

It takes a special kind of person to support Bernie Sanders.

One must have a thorough understanding of the economy. Screw the military! We can definitely afford free education and health care for all people. Screw those haters, right? They say "hows he gonna pay? "

We also have to understand how jobs work. I mean, raising the minimum wage is going to help families everywhere in America! Plus, companies will want to hire MORE people when it gets more expensive, because they will be paying for more families! Wow, this will drastically DECREASE, not increase, unemployment in America!

I mean, all of us fresh-out-of-college kids definitely have a good understanding of the economy, and how to run a country! Everyone who says that a political revolution is impossible is just a boring hater!

Bernie Sanders is a revolutionary politician that only comes about one time in a generation, who is truly honest. Just hearing him speak you know that when he says something, he actually means it and its just not some talking point to garner votes. His record confirms exactly where he stands on his issues. Hillary can't say the same as you could safely assume she was a Republican if you only looked at her voting record on some issues. Anyways, he says he will fight for the middle class, bring down the banking cartel, get money out of politics, and bring universal healthcare to the US. And I believe he can do it.

I read people writing a lot of nice things about Bernie Sanders, and he seems like a nice man. I like his ideas and he certainly beats the crap out of any GOP candidate. What I don't see from any of his supporters is a concrete plan on how he is going to get all of this done. If he is elected, he will be 75 when he takes office. That makes two terms pretty questionable, so we are apparently looking to get all this done in one term. To start with, we are going to have to flip at least ten seats in the Senate. The House is the real problem, where realistically at least fifty seats will need to change, but you would have two election cycles to do it in. It's great that Bernie is getting all sorts of new people involved in the political process. I hope he is explaining the whole picture, but from the comments I see on this website I have my doubts.

No, you could never assume that Hillary was aRepublican as Republicans absolutely hate her. I love Bernie but it really irks me when I hear people call Hillary a Republican when she has been a Democrat and brought the party back together in 2008 when a lesser person might have lost the big picture and run a write-in campaign. If Bernie is the nominee, he gets my vote. Same with Hillary. We just cannot let a Republican hold the White House when they already control Congress. Plus at least two Supreme Court seats lie in the balance. If you truly believe in the things Bernie believes in, he and Hillary agree on 93 percent of the issues. I defy you to find a Republican that comes close to that.

It's fairly simple. He's the candidate who best represents the American people. No one is perfect, but no one in the race comes as close as Bernie Sanders. He's the only person running without a superpac, and the only person not relying on monied interests to keep his campaign afloat. He's not for sale, and never has been in his decades of legislative experience. He's never anything but upfront about his policies, so if he says something you can be sure that he's not just memorizing talking points. He's the real deal. He wants to reverse the Citizen's United decision and start campaign finance reform, which will encourage politicians to pander to our needs, rather than the needs of Wallstreet, the NRA, Oil companies, and other lobbies that put their profits over the sustainability of our country. He's the person Obama wanted to be in 2008, and the person Hillary Clinton wants to trick you into thinking she is. The choice is clear, vote Bernie Sanders in 2016.

He has a 50 year record of being consistently progressive. Against the war in Iraq, against the bailout of the banks, for women's and LGBT rights, believes college should be free to those with the ability and desire, understands the hazards of income inequality on a first world nation, is scientifically literate, etc. I could go on. What makes him so desirable as president is that he is not beholden to any multi million dollar donors and he understands that to make real change, it will require motivating the electorate.

Bernie Sanders would've made the worst president of all time.

1. Socialism - socialism has been tried how many times with no success? If people WORK HARD to EARN their money, LET THEM KEEP IT FOR GOD'S SAKE! Hardworking people should not be responsible for people without jobs! THE PRESIDENT SHOULD NOT DICTATE WHAT I DO WITH MY MONEY.

2. Legalization of Weed - so the whole country can just get high and get in accidents all the time? Nice. I thought we were trying to encourage a no drugs society.

3. Redo Criminal Justice System - so we

C an have criminals let out early and wandering the streets? Awesome!

Those are just a few.

Bernie has the most consistent record of any candidate running. He's got more integrity than any of them and to hear him speak is to know he means what he says. Never in my lifetime have I been so moved by what a politician says and never have I had so much hope for the greatness this country can achieve for all its people. This time I'm not choosing between the lesser of two evils. This time I'm choosing Bernie.

For the first time in my life I'm actually excited about a presidential nominee. He's genuine, honest and has a life long political track record that backs up everything he's saying. He talks about the issues that WE ALL care about. I believe he WILL WIN and he will make a difference. Feel The Bern is spreading like wildfire and it is incredibly contagious. Its time we all say "Enough is Enough! " and elect Bernie Sanders!

The one who gets the least mainstream media attention is the one they fear. He has fought for the people, and against the corporate takeover of America his whole life. Fought for civil rights in the 60s, gay rights, against the bailouts, against the patriot act, against the Iraq war, against the disastrous trade agreements that have caused this country to lose jobs. So many examples of this man fighting for the people. That's why the corporate news won't cover him.

What makes Bernie great, what does?
Well it is a simple answer, and that is his ability to connect, this man is a true speaker of His people, a true success story.
Becoming a civil rights acativist, becoming mayor of Burlington, then a representative in congress, then the Junior Senator for Vermont. No million dollars to start with, no husband as a previous president, just born out of his own views and the peopel who follow him.

During his tenures as mayor and representative, he would often go to town halls and speak with the people of the city and state, to see what they need, not what they want, this 'dream' what they want is good health, and good money, and Bernie could give them that, not just for Vermont, but for the country as a whole.

He was the only Senator Or Govenor Or Representative, whose approval ratings didn't drop in their home state during the primaries, why? Well you see, Ted Cruz has only been senator of Texas for three years, same for Rubio in ...more

Bernie is the ONLY candidate who is not BOUGHT out by corporate America. The only hope we have as citizens is to fight corporate government corruption and pass campaign finance reform. This is the only way to restore democracy and take back our government from the hands of the greedy and obscenely wealthy. Our only weapon in that fight is BERNIE SANDERS.

Bernie Sanders. You're out only hope.

If we were all to vote on the poll for election, we should I vote for Sanders. He is very smart, very friendly, and for his age, he would make an awesome president! Hillary Clinton is friendly, smart, and cool and all, but Sanders to me is better. I hope Bernie Sanders is president for 8 years! He is so smart that he can help America shape up a lot! Bernie Sanders for president! - TopTenJackson

If you're going to join the revolution, please join the whole revolution. I hope every Bernie Sanders supporter who lives in Bloomington, Minn., got out and voted a couple Tuesday's ago when the Democrats lost a state house seat in a special election. A house seat they had held for 18 years! Electing Bernie and a bunch of Republicans isn't going to get you squat, much less a revolution. I know it's only one state house seat, but the "revolution" isn't off to a good start in Minnesota. You can love his ideas all you want, but he's going to need help.

Cannot be bought. It is clear that he spends his time thinking and doing how he can help the most people. He has been consistent in what he says. One does not need to worry that he makes campaign promises just to get votes. Willing to take stands even if they are unpopular in the short term. He is totally fearless and cares not whether a position will upset those with money and power.

He can't be bought by the 1%. He's primarily tackling the real issue of economic injustice. He isn't running a campaign solely on tiny, polarizing issues.

Here's to destroying socialism for the top few earners, and making it socialism that works for the majority of Americans.

The USA was created to promote "WE" the people and claimed equality for all.

Right now "we" has become "ME" and equality = size of your bank account.

All people have "Basic Human Rights" and a government's primary responsibility is to protect those rights.

Bernie walks and talks that very core belief.

Bernie Sanders is a socialist, which by nature favors the total elimination of the middle class, and conversion of the entire population into the proletariat class, with the exception of the government class.

Bernie plain and simple cannot be bought. He isn't accepting donations from ANY Super-PACs and as a result he will not owe anybody any favors when he is elected president. This fact alone should speak volumes to the public at large which is fed up with establishment politicians saying one thing and doing the opposite once they are elected. Bernie also wants massive reform of the same system so that elections and candidates cannot be bought in the future. For more information on other stances he has please visit Thank you and have a wonderful day.

Senator Sanders appeals to me because he is bringing up issues that are important to me, and, I believe, to the future of our country. Making college accessible to more Americans, addressing the crushing student debt crisis, broadening access to healthcare, raising the minimum wage, protecting the environment, protecting US jobs, these are real issues that need to be addressed, and Sanders has put forward realistic solutions to all of them.

I 100% support him, and I think you should too. Check out, to learn more.

I'm a hardcore conservative, I'm practically the opposite of him, I would never vote for him ( or any other Democrat, for that matter ). But I'll tell you this, I'm personally against people donating to your presidential campaign( unless you really need it) and so is he, so I respect him for that.