Hillary Clinton

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Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton is an American politician and a candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination in the 2016 election.


By far the best candidate, and here she sits at number eight. Oy ve. Yes, being First Lady is a qualification for president, it gave her incredible insight on how the country was run. Oh by the way, she was also Secretary of State and a U.S. Senator for eight years but we're apparently not counting that. She was a senator from New York which may explain part of the reason she made speeches on Wall Street. What our Bernie Bros can't point to are any instances where the money from those speeches influenced her vote, and in fact much of the money went to help charities. She's easily the smartest candidate in the field, she's tough as nails, and she is a Republican's worst nightmare. She is the best candidate, and judging from all the money Republicans are spending to try and get Bernie the nomination, I would have to say that Republicans agree.

What all of her haters and frankly, her own campaign, aren't pointing out often enough is that her speeches and fundraising are usually to raise money for someone else. Her recent fundraiser at George Clooney's house raised 15 million dollars, but most of that is going toward electing a Democratic senate. Clooney's said so himself on Meet the Press, and his statements were rated as true by Politifact. Hillary, unlike Bernie, realizes you need other people in place to get things done. To get Citizens United overturned, you need a liberal Supreme Court. To get a liberal Supreme Court, you need a Senate willing to confirm a liberal justice. Meanwhile, Bernie is supporting only three congressional candidates, all with marginal chances of winning their elections. Sometimes I wonder just who he is working for.

I am voting for her because she is the toughest and most qualified candidate, not because she is a woman. Frankly, she is the only candidate on either side I am comfortable with as commander-in-chief of our Armed Forces. I think all the other candidates kind of have one or two things they are good at, and they run on that. To me, Hillary is the only one who is running to do the WHOLE job. I do think it is about time the United States had a woman president, but Hillary is the best candidate of either gender and really it's not even close.

Hillary should be number one on this list how many people on this list TOP 10 was in the executive branch other than Hillary, ZERO. How many people has had a chance to be the First Lady understanding how the most important job in the world works and what are the challenges in this job ZERO other than Hillary.how many people on this list are more influential than Hillary Zero. I still cannot believe how Trump is President maybe the Russians hacked the election and I cannot believe Trump is more qualified than Hillary it is just not True

Its sad, because a good portion of people voting for her aren't voting for her because of her political views. They are voting for her because she is a woman.

The same thing happened with Obama, people would call you racist for not voting for Obama. And for Hillary, people will call you sexist/misogynist for not voting for Hillary.

To conclude, do your own research on these candidates before you vote. If not, this country will go downhill - ryanrimmel

Actually, the best of all choices and thumb me down all you want, I don't really care. I like Bernie a lot but he is likely to get his ideas put into action than Hillary is. That said, I plan to vote for whoever the Democratic nominee is. The Republican field is a joke, and how much of a turncoat is Sarah Palin for endorsing the man who criticized John McCain's service to our country. Palin would still be an unknown if it weren't for McCain.

THE WORST of all the possible choices.

What a wise visitor. And trump isn't a rapist, women who accused him have admitted so. - Therandom

I hate it when people complain about Hillary's email thing. Please do your research before using it as an excuse to bash on Hillary. She has a lot of experience and knows what she's doing better than almost anyone. And at least she cares, or pretends to care, about minority groups who are struggling.

Since she is beating Sanders, I will be rooting for her when she wins the Democrat nomination. I favored Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders from the beginning, and now only one of them can be nominated to go against the Republicans. So either one of them winning is great for me, because at least they don't make fun of disabled people or kick innocent Muslims out of their rallies, unlike cough*Donald Trump*cough. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

She's no Bernie Sanders... But she's better than any of the Republican Contenders in the field. She's a lesser of 2 evils, in my opinion. Some progressive policies when it's politically beneficial, but usually calculating when it comes to taking on the Wall Street investment class and lobbyists.

Hillary Clinton Is The Best First Lady Ever And If She Would Won She Would Have Made The Country Much More Safe And Peaceful She Would Have Got Much Better Education For Special Needs People Like Myself And If You Would Say She's Horrible Then You Are The Worst Person I Ever Met She Was The Best Candidate.

I'd really love to see her win just to see all the racism take a break. Of course, then we would have the first female president, and the Republicans would have to convert from racists to sexists. I'm confident they can do it.

We need a female president. If she wins, she will be the first female president ever. I like her better than that racist donald trump. - Pegasister12

I believe we need someone new and fresh in the White House. We've already had a Clinton and we don't need another. This isn't a dynasty. I'm a republican and I even say the same about the Bush's. The family presidential career thing is kind of stupid. Sadly, it seems as if the presidential role is turning into more of a position of fame, fortune and social status. It's supposed to be an extremely responsible privilege to have. And I don't think Hillary sees it that way at all.

Gee, I guess all you racists will have to convert to sexists if she gets in. I'm confident you can do it, though...

To those of you who would like to see Citizens United overturned, may I point out that two of the justices who voted against it were appointed by her husband, and a third was appointed by her former boss?

Excuse me but Hillary is on of the best candidates

She's straight up the dumbest person in America right now. She is a liar, she thinks being married to a president makes her qualified. She is the most unqualified candidate. I'd rather vote for Kanye West and I hate that guy.

How is Donald Trump above her? No offense. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

She is a dishonest deciding coward who hides information

People are voting for her just because you all want to see the first female president now. - SamuiNeko

I heard she's improving from her losses and is learning a lot from Bernie Sanders. Wow, so much improvement. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Users claim to hate her, yet she's second on this list. - Therandom

Hillary would start a nuclear war.

A Hillary win is absolutely necessary to stop the Donald.