Top Ten 2016 Eurovision Songs

A list of the best songs in the Eurovision Song Contest 2016.

The Top Ten 2016 Eurovision Songs

1 1944 - Jamala (Ukraine)

Well it won for a reason! Deep meaning and emotional performance

2 If Love Was a Crime - Poli Genova (Bulgaria)

Probably one of the best this year. - Going_Global

3 Pioneer - Freddie (Hungary)

Strong vocals, amazing melody and rhythm, deep lyrics and a spectacular performance by a great singer. Overall, AWESOME song that deserves to win the contest. - Going_Global

Best vocal in esc 2016. The song also was among the best. Strong and emotional peformance.

4 The Only One - Sergey Lazarev (Russia)

Catchy and upbeat, this song deserves the public love it got. - Going_Global

5 J'ai Cherché - Amir (France)

Simply magnificent. A song you want to listen to again and again and again. - Going_Global


6 Color of Your Life - Michal Szpak (Poland)

Great voice and very lovely song... Definitely deserves top ten ranking. - Going_Global

7 What's the Pressure - Laura Tesoro (Belgium)
8 Blue and Red - Manuella (Slovenia)
9 Heartbeat - Justs (Latvia)

Ah, guilty pleasure. I can listen to this multiple times and not get bored. - Going_Global

10 I Stand - Gabriela Guncikova (Czech Republic)

The Contenders

11 Sound of Silence - Dami Im (Australia)

Best voice we've heard in a long time. That girl delivers the best performance of them all. - Going_Global

12 Alter Ego - Minus One (Cyprus)

Rock fans of Eurovision unite! - Going_Global

13 Goodbye (Shelter) - Zaa sanja Vučić (Serbia)
14 Say Yay! - Barei (Spain)
15 Lighthouse - Nina Kraljic (Croatia)

It's not just that this song is from my country (in fact, I didn't like most of Croatia's previous entries), but this is unlike anything else I've ever heard before. The song is unique and Nina is unique. Deserved to be way higher in the actual contest.

Cross between Dido and Ellie Goulding, this song is amazing. - Going_Global

16 If I Were Sorry - Frans (Sweden)

Cute and catchy. - Going_Global

™�️ Great tune

17 Slow Down - Douwe Bob (The Netherlands)
18 Lovewave - Iveta Mukuchyan (Armenia)

Best voice and performance on eurovision - Bellabella

19 Miracle - Samra (Azerbaijan)

How is this not in the Top Ten.

20 Help You Fly - Ivan (Belarus)

So awesome it should have made it to the finals. - Going_Global

21 Loin D' Ici - Zoë (Austria)

Cutest song ever to go to Eurovision. - Going_Global

22 Sunlight - Nicky Byrne (Ireland)

Fell in love with it on an instant. Should have made it to the final. - Going_Global

23 Made of Stars - Hovi Star (Israel)
24 Midnight Gold - Nika Kocharov & Young Georgian Lolitaz (Georgia)

This song is amazing! - Bigsamehada

25 Icebreaker - Agnete (Norway)
26 No Degree of Separation - Francesca Michielin (Italy)
27 The Real Thing - Highway (Montenegro)
28 Fairytale - Eneda Tarifa (Albania)
29 Hear Them Calling - Greta Salome (Iceland)
30 I’ve Been Waiting for This Night - Donny Montell (Lithuania)

From every Eurovision I watched, this was by far Lithuania’s best act. - DewSpectrum11

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