2016 U.S. Presidential Campaign Websites With the Best 404 Error Pages


The Top Ten

1 hillaryclinton.com (Hillary Clinton)

This is quite good with that duck photo - MatrixGuy

That link was quaked up! - SamuiNeko

2 berniesanders.com (Bernie Sanders) Visit Website9
3 chrischristie.com (Chris Christie)

The Best one So far! - oldfashionedmickeymousecol1995

4 martinomalley.com (Martin O’Malley) Visit Website
5 scottwalker.com (Scott Walker)

It's no longer there. what was it like? - RecklessGreed

6 jeb2016.com (Jeb Bush) Visit Website
7 bobbyjindal.com (Bobby Jindal) Visit Website
8 mikehuckabee.com (Mike Huckabee) Visit Website
9 marcorubio.com (Marco Rubio) Visit Website
10 ricksantorum.com (Rick Santorum) Visit Website
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1. hillaryclinton.com (Hillary Clinton)
2. berniesanders.com (Bernie Sanders)
3. chrischristie.com (Chris Christie)


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