Top 10 2017 Films that Should Get a Sequel

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1 Justice League

It is getting one sadly - B1ueNew

This movie does deserve a sequel to do "Justice" to it but I don't get why its on this list. Its pretty obvious it's going to get a sequel based on the post credits scenes.

A sequel would be exciting and awesome. Hopefully Lex Luthor will be the main villain. - girlcool

It’s getting one

2 Smurfs: The Lost Village

A sequel starring Smurfette and Smurf Blossom would be delightfully cute. - girlcool

NO! - darthvadern

Hell no - ikerevievs

No. - mattstat716

3 Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie

It is called "The First Epic Movie" for a reason. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

How about Captain Underpants: The Second Epic Movie - Sausagelover99

A sequel would be a fun idea. - girlcool

4 My Little Pony: The Movie

There's a lot of potential. I hope Discord is in the sequel and I hope that the Storm King comes back to life. - girlcool

No more lionsgate garbage - ikerevievs

NO! - darthvadern

On one condition, NOT MADE WITH LIONSGATE! - Neonco31

5 The Lego Batman Movie

I can't really say I would want a sequel to this. Lego ninjago was disappointing for people because they don't really have the charm anymore. They should leave this movie be, it was really funny! I hope Lego Movie 2 doesn't disappoint though! - Phillip873

NO, I don't want more boring stop-motion cash grabs. - darthvadern

I liked the movie, but do we really need a sequel? - Drawbox

Great Movie - codydoestuff

6 Saban's Power Rangers
7 Tom and Jerry: Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

I'm like the 1 person who would be excited for a sequel. - girlcool

NOPE. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

D-did you even watch the original!? - mattstat716

8 Spider-Man: Homecoming

Not necessarily a sequel to THIS movie, but more that I want more superhero movies to be like this. I just liked how funny it was and how the villain wasn't some huge "I want to destroy the universe" villain. - Phillip873

We are already getting sequel - ikerevievs

9 Batman and Harley Quinn
10 Batman vs. Two-Face

Sadly this wouldn't work out, because of the loss of Adam West. - girlcool

The Contenders

11 The Emoji Movie

Let global warming happen in 1 day while aliens invade us as well and hell freeze over before we get more abominations - ikerevievs

Let hell freeze over first.

I wanna see a sequel to see more Emoji movie fans leave if it's bad. If it's good, then I can't wait to troll the new fans - TeamRocket747

There are no emoji movie fans. Just people disgusted at the idea. - mattstat716

12 Baby Driver

They are actually making a sequel for this - Phillip873

13 The Comedian
14 Coco

Not at all. Coco ended on a high note with a satisfactory conclusion solving Miguel's long-time family dispute involving his great-great grandfather and the generational ban on music. I think it's best to just let it be and let it go down as a solo masterpiece of Western animation. Besides, I believe Pixar announced after they release their upcoming sequels, no more sequels will come in the future. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

There shouldn't even be a Coco 2. This movie won too many awards and it's time to let other animated films such as The Lego Batman Movie, Despicable Me 3, The Boss Baby, etc.

No way, Coco ended just fine, it was also so good that a sequel would turn out disappointing no matter what - Phillip873

Nope, we don't want this to end up like many of Disney's Direct-to-video cheapquels - Neonco31

15 Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2
16 Cars 3

While I do like this series, it's about time ended...

Not really I think 3 is enough - Neonco31

Nah, I think Cars 3 was the perfect way to end off the Cars trilogy. It'd be a better move to end it on that note than to continue to milk dry like Pixar is doing with Toy Story 4. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

This series needs to end sorry even more than ice age and dc extended universe and the multitude of crappy divergent movies - ikerevievs

17 Going in Style
18 Monster Trucks

This looked really cool - EliHbk

19 Rough Night

What about No!

20 Power Rangers
21 Kong: Skull Island

It’s a prequel to Godzilla 2014. There’s 2 sequels coming out called; Godzilla 2 and Godzilla vs. Kong - asantalo

22 Ferdinand
23 Beauty and the Beast
24 The Boss Baby


25 Thor: Ragnarok
26 The Monster Squad
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