2019 NFL 1st Round Mock Draft Collaboration Pt. II (Randomator, & 2storm)

Welcome back folks we started out with two new takes of what they believe many of these teams should, but now we have come to the veterans of the squared circle.

Ranomator’s Mock Draft

Cardinals Kyler Murray: Arizona is entering with not a whole lot on their roster. They need a player who can spark their franchise again. Rosen was a disappointment but to be fair it wasn’t entirely his fault. This time they might try to pull a Baker Mayfield/Cleveland situation. Even if they draft him they don’t even have to play him. He could just as easily be used as trade bait for a Quarterback needy team.

Niners. Nick Bosa.
I can’t see San Francisco passing up on a player like Bosa. He’s the type of player that could instantly solidify the Niners defense and make them a legitimate unit.

Jets. Josh Allen - Seeing what they were trying to do by almost bringing Anthony Barr in this pick makes a lot of sense to me. Allen gives them Edge Rushing ability as well as versatility.

Oakland Quinnen Williams: It seems like the Raiders are trying to fix the defense by signing veterans like Vontaze Burfict. Williams can be successful in multiple positions and will be crucial for limiting Melvin Gordon, Philip Lindsay, and the explosive Chiefs offense. All who the Raiders will face 2 times each. I don’t see why they would possibly draft a quarterback. Sure Carr hasn’t been great but he’s one of the better options available so you might as well just keep him

Bucs Devin White: Based on the coaching changes they have made it makes sense that Tampa should take a defensive player like White. This is especially true when you have offensive studs Alvin Kamara and Christian McCaffrey in your division. You have to plan your defenses accordingly and this pick could help the buccaneers.

Giants Montez Sweat: So the G men are blowing it up it seems. I don’t see them getting rid of Eli just yet. It might be to their advantage to develop some younger players to help boost them. You have Saquon already maybe they’re going to spend time developing a pass rusher who can cause problems for other teams in the meantime.

Jags Jawaan Taylor- The Jaguars just spent big money on their next quarterback Nick Foles. They would be stupid not to upgrade his offensive line. Left tackle Cam Robinson is a question mark, but right tackle is a significant hole. Jacksonville currently doesn't have a viable player at that position. This pick could fill right tackle spot, with Jawaan Taylor sliding into that position. Taylor could also play the blind side, shifting Robinson to right tackle.

Lions Deandre Baker
Detroit needs someone who can fit the versatile defender role. Baker would do just that. He can help make life miserable for opponents. He’s played a fair amount of man and zone and oh it seems like he’d fit right in with the defense Matt Patricia wants to create which is a plus.

Projected Trade Washington: Dwayne Haskins- The Quarterback situation for Washington is not good. There’s a lot of question marks. After the G men pass up on Haskins the Redskins will play it safe to at least get some sort of stability in that department. If you are Washington a Quarterback isn’t a want it’s a desperate need of the team. Especially if you’re looking to make the playoffs. They can’t afford to not draft a quarterback

Denver Drew Lock- Yeah yeah they got Joe Flacco but I think it would be smart to get a backup just In Case things don’t go as planned with Flacco. And if nothing else they can use him as trade bait to get other players.

Bengals Ed Oliver
He gives Long-term assistance at the defensive tackle position, and a short-term boost to a defensive line that has some veteran talent under their belt. While the Bengals remain somewhat interested in a Quarterback I think Zac Taylor is encouraged to see what he can do with Andy Dalton, who isn’t great but still mediocre.

Packers Brian Burns
The Packers will have some decisions to make if Clay doesn’t come back. If he’s gone they could get a player like Burns. He could assist the Packers on defense and provide a tough challenge for the division. I wouldn’t get Aaron Rodgers a receiver here.

Dolphins: Andre Dillard
It appears that the Dolphins are in tank mode. I don’t think this is the time to get a Quarterback but getting someone like Dillard and letting him develop could be a huge gain for them say a year from now. Investing for the future would be wise.

Falcons: Christian Wilkins
To me the Falcons need a boost on defense to rejuvenate it and unlock their potential. Wilkins in my eyes could fill that role nicely.

Bills (proposed trade) TJ Hockenson
I feel like Giving Josh Allen a weapon to work with wouldn’t hurt. Considering their offense was near the bottom of the league last year they need someone who can rejuvenate it.

Panthers DK Metcalf
He would be another explosive weapon for Newton to work with on offense. Getting him could put a scare in opposing defenses. You have McCaffrey and Metcalf... that sounds like a scary offensive duo. Throw in Cam and now you got a nice potential triple threat on offense

Giants Clelin Ferrell
The NFC East has its fair share of offensive playmakers. Ferrell gives the Giants a fighting chance to stop them. I’m not convinced that they’re ready to move on at quarterback. With their off-season moves it’s clear that they are still in full tank mode. This is a pick you get from Cleveland in exchange for Odell. Use it wisely.

Vikings Jonah Williams
I think Mike Zimmer would love having Williams. I’m sure Captain Kirk would as well. Jonah Williams had a good season at Alabama a year ago. Here’s a stat to like. The Tide averaged 5.3 yards when rushing to his gap.

Titans- Marquise Brown
The Titans didn’t have much going in the deep passing game last year. Brown is the type of player who can add some spice to their offense and form a potentially dangerous duo with Corey Davis

Pittsburgh Greedy Williams
I don’t think there’s any way Pittsburgh can pass on him. They desperately need someone to play opposite of Joe Haden. Williams can reignite the secondary which the Steelers need. Again there’s no way the Steelers can possibly pass up on him if he does Fall this far.

Seattle N Keal Harry
Seattle desperately needs some sort of offense if Russell Wilson is going to stay with them.It would be in their best interests to start moving on from their former offensive weapons like Jimmy Graham who has regressed in Green Bay and Doug Baldwin who was underrated in a sense. After last year I’m assuming they’re still trying to compete. If that’s the case they’ll need to help Russell Wilson. He can’t carry the team on his own. That’s where N'Keal Harry comes into the picture. He could give Wilson some relief and if things go well they could be a dangerous duo

Ravens: Josh Jacobs
There’s a number of different players I could see Baltimore going with here but
To me Jacobs would be a good pick. Considering the fact that they already have Mark Ingram and Gus Edwards adding Jacobs would create a deadly 3 headed Monster at the run game. That could potentially be a nightmare to deal with for opposing teams.

Texans: Cody Ford
Deshaun Watson needs protection if he’s going to flourish. The O line gave up a ton of sacks last year. 62 to be precise. That’s the most in the league. Ford would give them desperately needed protection and it would be dumb for them pass up and not draft him here honestly

Raiders: Noah Fant
Fant gives Oakland a lot to like on offense. He gives more options for Derek Carr who will look to have a bounce back season. Overall he’d be a good pick

Eagles Byron Murphy
They suffered a lot of injuries in the secondary so I’d expect them to consider Cornerback as a major need. Murphy
Could help fill in that hole and honestly this pick just makes a whole lot of sense

Colts: AJ Brown
Kind of a tough call here but I think AJ Brown makes sense. He was productive at Ole Miss and would contribute to Indy’s offensive side overall. TY Hilton is Currently the backbone of the offense. If he goes down to injury the Colts need to make sure their offense is still efficient and effective.

Projected Trade; Denver (from Oakland): Garrett Bradbury
Matt Paradis isn’t walking back in the door anytime soon so Denver might as well get a replacement for him. If he falls this far they would have to trade a few picks but it would be worth it in my opinion.

Chargers Dexter Lawrence
Lawrence has a rare combination of size and athleticism and has flashed upside in the pass-rush. His gargantuan body type is extremely difficult to find and he will help LA who is greatly in need of help on the interior.

Seahawks Darnell Savage
The Legion of Boom has lost a few pieces and is a shell of their former glory. Savage has the ability to reignite them and bring back the legion of boom. He also has abilities to play deep safety and in the slot. He could be a solid pickup for Seattle.

Packers Terry McLaurin
I feel like they take an offensive weapon for Rodgers although not one that many people expect. They need something to revive themselves after back to back years without playoffs. They’re out of mulligans. Last year it’s as if they were just spinning the tires without making progress. This year they need to just force the car to restart if that makes sense

LA Rams: Jerry Tillery
He had a solid season last year and could be dangerous for opponents to deal with. Imagine having to figure out Aaron Donald and a potential Ndamukong Suh successor

Patriots Jeffery Simmons
Seems fitting that New England would take him. He’s injured at the moment but knowing the Patriots they’re likely gonna plan for the future when he gets back and he’s healthy. If it pans out like Joel Embiid did for Philly it’s gonna be a big steal.


2storm’s Mock Draft

1st Pick - Arizona Cardinals - QB/WR Kyler Murray
With the first pick I have the Cardinals drafting Kyler Murray. I personally like both Rosen and Murray and I don't know what they will do with the two of them. I was making the choice I would go with Nick Bosa, but probably won't happen. I do think they may look into a trade with someone for with either Rosen or this pick. It should be very interesting. Back to Murray though, It looks like he will be very good. With success of Mayfield last year, teams might start getting QBs like this.

2nd Pick - San Francisco - DE Nick Bosa
With 2nd pick I have the Niners drafting Bosa. They need some more beef in the D line. He is the obvious pick. The Niners might not draft him because he hates Colin Kapernick, hates Beyonce, hates Black Panther, and loves Trump. And literally that is totally opposite that of California. He should be very good.

3rd Pick - Buffalo Bills (Trade) - DT Quennin Williams
The Bills need a DT and trading up and getting debatable the 2nd best player in the draft. Williams looks really good and could be a game changer on defense. For the Jets they don't have 2nd Round selection so getting the Bills first and second would be good.

4th Pick - Oakland Raiders - DE/LB Josh Allen
The Raiders have horrible pass rushing, so why not get Josh Allen to fix that. Allen is also very diverse and can play multiple positions for you on defense.

5th Pick - Tampa Bay Buccaneers - DE/LB Montez Sweat
The Bucs need some edge rushing, so I think they should take Montez. If I were them I would trade Winston and my pick for Kyler, but their coach said he wants to try to fix Winston.

6th Pick - New York Giants - DT Ed Oliver
Oliver is a monster and the Giants should probably take him. Personally I want them to take Haskins, but apparently the Giants say they don't like him.

7th Pick - Jacksonville Jaguars - OT Jawaan Taylor
If your gonna pay Foles you got to protect him. The Jags have a questionable line. They need some offensive lineman if they want to succeed.

8th Pick - Detroit Lions - LB Devin White
The Lions have a trash linebacker core. Devin White is very good and he is the best linebacker on the board. The Lions need to pick up White.

9th Pick - New York Jets - DE/DT Reshan Gray
If the Jets pick up Gray they might end up having the best defensive line around. He is very athletic and it looks like he has some bright potential.

10th Pick - Denver Broncos - QB Drew Lock
Drew Lock is one of the more underrated players in the draft. He is very gritty and he plays hard and has high work ethic. Plus the Broncos have expressed interest in him.

11th Pick - Cincinnati Bengals - QB Dwayne Haskins
The Bengals need a quarterback just because Andy Dalton is just inconsistent. Haskins could be something special in the NFL. The Bengals should take a hit at Haskins.

12th Pick - Green Bay Packers - TE T.J. Hockenson
This is a safe pick for the Packers. He is a great receiver and blocker. This could give Aaron Rodgers another weapon.

13th Pick - Miami Dolphins - DT Christian Wilkins
Wilkins is a monster and the Dolphins just need best available. Wilkins could give them some good energy on defense.

14th Pick - Atlanta Falcons - DE/OLB Brian Burns
The Falcons need either some defense or some offensive line. I got them taking a defensive end. He has some good potential too.

15th Pick - Washington Redskins - WR D.J. Metcalf
If the Redskins trade for Rosen, it would be nice to have a young receiver in Metcalf to create a dynamic duo. D.J. is a great receiver and I think he could be something.

16th - Carolina Panthers - G/OT Cody Ford
The Panthers need protection up front, before Cam gets his career cut short.

17th Pick - New York Giants - QB Daniel Jones
The Giants need a back up to Eli and eventually a replacement. Jones is a good thrower and it should be considered.

18th Pick - Minnesota Vikings - OT/OG Jonah Williams
Like the Panthers the Vikings need protection. Getting Williams will really help in that area.

19th Pick - Tennessee Titans - C/OG Garrett Bradbury
The Titans could use another Offensive Lineman. They have already added one, but another one would be good.

20th Pick - Pittsburgh Steelers - DE/LB Clelin Ferrell
It comes to a point where you can't pass on someone. They could take a corner, but you can't let Ferrell go.

21th Pick - Seattle Seahawks - TE Noah Fant
The Seahawks will probably trade back, but if they were I would guess it would be for Fant. They need a Tight End.

22nd - Baltimore Ravens - WR A.J. Brown
The Ravens need a WR to pair with Lamar Jackson and Brown does that.

23rd Pick - Houston Texans - OT Greg Little
The Texans need an offensive line. Deshaun Watson is a great player and it would suck if his career is cut short.

24th Pick - Oakland Raiders - CB Byron Murphy
The Raiders need a upgrade in the secondary area. Byron Murphy has been highly touted, so the why not.

25th Pick - Philadelphia Eagles - OG Chris Lindstrom
The Eagles have Jordan Howard. So now they need to get a offensive guard to help him.

26th Pick - Indianapolis Colts - CB Rock Ya-Sin
The Colts need to strengthen the Corner position. They got lit up by Mahomes and he is gonna be a main rival, so yeah fix that.

27th Pick - Oakland Raiders - LB Devin Bush
This would be great value at the 27th. This would make the Raiders defense very mean.

28th Pick - Los Angeles Chargers - OL Erik McCoy
The Chargers need to get a better O line. McCoy could be very good for the Chargers.

29th Pick - Seattle Seahawks - S Nasir Adderley
The Hawks made an interesting trade. I would think they would take a safety with this pick and Nasir is a great one.

30th Pick - Green Bay Packers - WR Marquise Brown
If Marquise Brown falls this far they have to take him. He is ultra talented and is a touchdown threat every snap.

31st Pick - Los Angeles Rams - CB Greedy Williams
I already love Greedy Williams. He is gonna have an iconic name and it looks like he has some game. The Rams have older Corners, so the Rams should go with one.

32nd Pick - New England Patriots - LB Germaine Pratt
With the last pick I have the Patriots drafting Pratt. Hightower needs a linebacking mate. So Pratt just fits in.

Still to come... the big mock draft board is coming.


Chiefs might want to get some Tyreek Hill replacements also. His situation is not looking good - Randomator